I'm disappointed in you. I spent time setting up this blog as a gift for you on Mother's Day awhile back. Everyone in the family knows this was the best Mother's Day gift you've ever received. It's the best gift because, for better or worse, it will be a living legacy of your thoughts and opinions for all the kids and grandkids to read through in the years to come.

I'm disappointed because your last blog post was in December 2012!!! What's that all about? So then I became curious, I went to google analytics to see if anyone was actually reading your blog. Surprisingly, you had almost 200 visitors over the last 30 days. It hit me, you have a huge library of interesting posts that people all over the world are continuing to read. Many of your visitors came through google / bing search on keywords like, "grandchildren" "loyalty" "redskins". You have done an excellent job (unintentionally) of writing posts that others find interesting and actually search for. Who would've thought, you're not the only crazy person out there after all...there are lots of crazies out there it seems.

The silver-lining to you going AWOL on your blog is that I still manage it. I've decided to hijack your blog and if I don't see a post within 24 hours it will be completely transformed into "Matt Hastings Blog". Yep, that's blog not yours. No more cute pictures of the grandkids that you love to show off, no more life-changing blog posts on Rex Grossman, nothing, zip, zero...gone like a fart in the wind. After I finish writing this blog I'm going to post a link to your facebook page...if you will re-accept me as your friend since you actually deleted me two weeks ago for something non-offensive I said to you that was apparently extremely offensive.

Alright...enough talking and time for action. Hopefully posting this on facebook will not only shame you but motivate you to start writing again. Seriously, keep building your blog library, your grandkids are depending on you. 

You have 23 hours, 55 minutes, and 30 seconds left.

Matt Hastings