Saturday night was a tense night. I found myself sitting before our T.V. with my heart racing. I saw George Zimmerman's wife in her chair with her head bowed apparently praying. I desperately wanted her to hear those words " Not Guilty " concerning her husband. I felt that way because I had tuned in and watched most of the trial and was stunned at the lack of evidence pointing towards Zimmerman's guilt. The state just didn't have what they needed to convict him. Period.

I have noticed something very interesting however in the aftermath of this verdict. By and large it seems as though nearly everyone that supports the verdict is not black and nearly everyone that is outraged and upset by the verdict is black. Even black professional legal analysts on television are mostly questioning the verdict. I have also had some discussions with black friends who are completely against the verdict. These friends are often conservative, informed, and usually very rational and fair in their thinking processes. Yet the divide remains. Why is that?

To be fair, I have sincerely looked into my own heart and asked myself if I have a bend if you will or a tendency to lean over backwards in understanding the circumstances from  George Zimmerman's perspective that night. I have wondered if my skin were black if I would be slow to be considering that and instead if my mind would automatically go towards sympathy for a seventeen year old who lost his life that night. I think I might. Don't get me wrong - I still believe there was not enough evidence to convict George Zimmerman, but would my emotions , my feelings, the core of me simply view the whole event differently if my skin was many shades darker?  It is a valid question.

Many years ago, I heard someone say that there is no such thing as white and black people. Whoever said that, they are techically right. When I look at my arm as I am typing right now, guess what ? It is NOT white. Far from it. My skin is actually a beige, light tannish color. The background of my computer screen that I am looking at right now IS white...but definitely not my skin. Also, when I think of many of my black friends who I know, guess what ? Their skins is NOT black. Depending on who they are, their skin is one of a variety of shades of brown. Not one black person that I know has jet black , pure black skin. In reality then, when we really think about it, we are all different shades of brown ranging from very, very light to very, very dark. That is absolutely the truth yet human nature wants it to be different. Human nature tends to magnify our differences. We tend to be more than willing to plug us into distinct and different boxes.

There is no doubt that many desire to fan the flames of racism with this case. We cannot deny that race is not an element in our thinking, in our life experiences, in the fabric of who we are. The challenge for each of us however is to not mix our emotion with factual evidence whether it be this case or any other. That in itself is very a tricky and difficult thing because as human beings, we have a hard time dividing our emotions from our thinking as if we were dividing a sandwich in half ...yet we must when it comes to justice being served.

Will we ever be able to truly see life through the eyes of another ? It would truly be a great thing if we could. It is most definitely something to strive for. Whether it is attainable or not, still remains to be seen.

It is a goal worth praying for.