I am both angry and saddened over the senseless murder of Chris Lane. He is a young man from Australia who came to this country in hopes of playing college baseball. He also was close with his American girlfriend and just recently arrived here in the United States. He had high hopes and big dreams.

Now he is dead.

Why is he no longer living you ask? Because some teenaged punkish thugs were "bored."  That was the word that they used...bored. They were looking for something to do and wanted a thrill. Today, there are even tweets by one of the alleged murderers on the news that he tweeted that he " hates whites" and had beat up five whites since the Trayvon Martin trial. Is it surprising to hear and read of this ? No...not really. There is so much vile hatred in young people today on both sides of the race issue that nothing shocks me any more.

What is a bit surprising to me however although maybe it shouldn't be is the total silence from our president, any of the president's spokesmen, Al Sharpton, Oprah Winfrey and the rest. Hey Stevie Wonder....are you going to boycott ever performing in Oklahoma again ? ...the state in which this young man was viciously killed while just sitting in his car ? Yes, that's right....this young man was simply sitting in a vehicle when he was cowardly murdered from behind by these three teenagers who considered this a fun thing to do.


Do I sound irritated ?  I am. I am just so weary of the media's double standard on their coverage. I am just sick to death of the constant outcry about certain crimes and the eery silence about others. Can you even imagine what would be happening today if Chris Lane was a black college ball player who had been hunted down and brutally killed by three white teenagers ? There would be absolutely no other news headlines right now if that had taken place. It would be consuming all air time on every channel.

Perhaps I should not even be writing right now. Maybe it would be best to allow myself to calm down before I sat down to my laptop this morning. However, maybe that is just the wrong thing...because if we do not start expressing our outrage at the unbalanced reactions in high places then will it begin to change ? Probably not.

I just cannot help but wonder whose son does Chris Lane look like ? I am sure his grieving parents could answer that question. He probably had his mom's smile and his dad's eyes and athletic ability. No one knows for sure except for those who knew him and his family personally. One thing that I do know for certain is that he did NOTHING to warrant him being killed . He was not arguing with anyone, he was not throwing a punch, he was not threatening to kill anyone. He wasn't even talking. He was sitting in his car....period. Too bad for Chris Lane that he doesn't look like our president's son would have. If he did, the attention his murder would be getting would be MUCH more than what it presently is.

As an American, I am embarrassed and somewhat ashamed this morning. My heart aches for Chris Lane's parents and family. What must they think of our country ? They give birth to a son, raise him, love him, send him to America so that he can pursue his dreams of love and baseball and he is senselessly gunned down.....all for fun.

Whose son does Chris Lane look like ?

Apparently - not the right person

...or we would be seeing more outrage than what we are.