A couple of weeks ago I happened to be watching the first football game that was being played in the brand new Dallas Cowboys Stadium. This new structure truly was impressive, complete with a sixty yard scoreboard, movable parts, the works. What was most startling about that night though was not all the grand features of this brand spanking new facility but the number of people that filled it up that night. I think the announcer stated that there were over one hundred thousand folks in attendance that evening. The camera spanned the crowd and I saw scores of fans yelling, screaming, some with faces painted and almost all were sporting Cowboy shirts, hats, and other team related items. It was a massive sea of humanity there totally devoted to their sports team.

Now I am a huge sports fan and so I can completely understand the mania surrounding any kind of game, especially football. I wanted to make that clear as I am in no way confused about the appeal and draw of such events but I wondered something as I watched that game that night.

I wondered what the effect would be on this country if that sort of interest, that sort of love and loyalty was given to things of a spiritual nature. What if our Bible believing churches across America were filled to overflowing with like enthusiasm and passion? It would revolutionize our country, it would so change the moral climate that we cannot even fathom the result of such a movement.

Last night I was in my church for our Wednesday evening service. I heard an incredibly helpful and needed message on the dangers of social networking. It was informative, enlightening, relevant and practical and yet there were perhaps 300 folks present, give or take a few. What was spoken could very well save the emotional health of a family or perhaps save a teenager from destruction. The sermon provided necessary content and warnings that literally every family member of today’s families would need to hear, especially teenagers and parents. I am glad for those of us who were blessed enough to have heard it yet as I was sitting there, my mind first thought about how parents all over the country should be beating down doors to hear messages like that. Then right as I had that thought, the picture of that jammed packed stadium from a couple of weeks ago flooded into my brain and I had this one specific thought….What is entertaining is usually not what is most important.

The truth is that multitudes of people are not crazy nuts about church…about hearing the truth about themselves, their lives, our society and how we function in this world in which we find ourselves. It takes effort and resolve to think about the deeper issues and to examine ourselves and the hows and whys of why we do the things that we do and act the way that we act. It requires commitment to pursue worthy, noble causes and to purpose to live a holy and meaningful life that is pleasing to God who created us. These type of things are just not as easy as it is to sit in a stadium and to cheer while we twirl a towel. That is surely a fun time and fun times most certainly have their place. I just happen to think that their place should be a distant second to the crucially important areas of life. Such areas as… are we keeping our minds and hearts pure, are we living in a way that is honorable to God, do we even care about such things?

As a Christian and as a parent, I just felt very thankful to be in a church service last night that illuminated what is truly important and deserves my attention. Not everyone has the privilege or chance to understand and appreciate this great truth. Our challenge is to share this thought about having our priorities straight with as many folks as we can whom we come in contact with. It should also be our prayer.

Passion, devotion, excitement for a football team ….not a bad or evil thing in and of itself…just how much better it would be if the same hunger for winning on that field was rumbling inside of mens’ souls for knowing truth and pursuing righteousness.

Last night, I just kept mulling over that obvious factual truth.

Which is…what is most entertaining is usually not what is most important!