I am almost finished reading Bill O’Reilly’s book entitled “A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity.” For the most part, it has been an informative and entertaining read with the exception of the fact that O’Reilly is a guy who is quite stuck on himself. For almost two thirds of the book, he refers to himself in the third person which is always an immediate red flag that the person in question is a bit too impressed with himself. O’Reilly does however make a statement in the book which is a statement that his father said to him when he was still very young. He tells of how his father looked at him one day, and said “If you go through this life with even just five true friends, you are doing well because most people don’t have even that many.”


        I have also heard similar statements where it has been said that if a person goes through this life and can count even just two or three true friends, then he or she is a blessed person. I suppose that the truth or validity of that statement would greatly depend on the definition of what a “true friend” is. I am certain that if we asked any given group of individuals that question, that there would be a wide variety of responses too numerous to count.


        To me, a true friend is someone who I can completely trust in every way. I can be one hundred percent completely confident of their loyalty, their love, their devotion to me and to what is important to me. It is also someone who will genuinely be happy for me in my triumphs and victories and sincerely be sorrowful and grieving with me in my losses. It is also someone who loves and cares about the people who are important to me such as my family.That person can also count on the same qualities in me. That pretty much sums it up as far as my personal definition and description of a “friend.”


        The truth is that I have rarely found someone outside of my immediate family who fits this category. Almost all of my family members do…we have a deep trust in and for one another. Outside of my family however, it is a difficult thing to find. I do not mean this to be a criticism or indictment on others as I also  have most likely failed at times in being this sort of friend to others.  There are also friends that I have, that if given the  opportunity to be able to spend more time with one another, they might actually prove to be this caliber of “true friend” but for reasons stemming from scheduling conflicts and time constraints, it is almost impossible to cultivate those relationships enough to find out.


        I have one friend outside of my family who has proven to be a true friend and I feel blessed to be able to say that I at least have one. I would venture to say that some if not many folks may not be able to claim one. I wish that was not the case, and I also am not sure what the answer is to rectify this or if it even requires a remedy. Some things are just as they are, and this might be one of them. I have several acquaintances, and even friends that I know on a “medium” level for lack of a better description, but in terms of a trusting, true friendship, I can think of just one and have accepted the fact that I think that is a very common thing so I am not necessarily sad or dissatisfied with it.


        Many of my blogs are “lessons learned” or have sort of a “moral of the story” tone to them. Not so with today’s article. Today, I am just musing, just pondering, and then being gut level honest about those thoughts on paper. I do not really have any answers or profound wisdom in this one, and that’s okay. Perhaps you the reader can relate and would like to add a thought or comment, perhaps not. Maybe someone could care to share some truth or shed some light on why it is that most of us can count our really true friends on one hand? Any ideas?  Don’t be shy in sharing them!