Yesterday, the family pictured above came to Heritage Baptist Church in Woodbridge Va. It is the Josh Duggar family. Josh is the oldest of the Duggar brood that has nineteen children and has become famous for their television series " Nineteen Children and Counting." When you think about it, that is really the only reason that they are well known...because he is the oldest child in that family that has become known throughout the whole country. Don't get me wrong - I am sure he is a great guy, with a beautiful little family, however he is not famous because he is a fabulous athlete , movie star, or politician. Perhaps politics may be in his future however as he has just relocated to the Washington area to work with the Family Research Council. He and his wife and kids were visiting some friends that are past members of our church which is why they were present at our morning service yesterday.

What fascinates me is the buzz and excitement at our church yesterday morning simply because they showed up. People were having their pictures taken left and right with the family and they caused quite a little stir. People were posting on Facebook throughout the afternoon that this little family had shown up and sat "right across the aisle ". All of this hype was both interesting and amusing to me. It is just the truth that we are completely captivated by fame and those who have it yet I wonder why. I mean, well known and famous folks are just like you and I yet if our world knows them, then we are impressed.

The Duggars are folks who are committed Christians , who love the Lord, who strive to do right and live right in their daily lives. However, most famous people in our world are not. Most in the sports and entertainment industries have very different philosophies and attitudes about life, yet I couldn't help but wonder yesterday what would have happened if someone who was famous but does not share our spiritual values would have shown up at Church yesterday.

For example, if Tom Cruise had shown up instead of the little Duggar family, would folks have still been lining up for pictures ? I dare say that they would have, perhaps even more so because of his elevated " star status."  Please know that I realize that the chances of Tom Cruise ever showing up at our church ranges somewhere between zero and zero point one yet my point is , that even though he is a Scientologist, even though he does not share the same values , beliefs, and convictions as just about everyone who I worship with, I still think that folks would be lining up for photo opportunities with him. I really do.

And that begs the question...why are we like that as human beings? Why are we so intrigued, so drawn to, so enamored with the rich and famous....especially if they do not share the same views as us about God, about what why we are all here on earth, about what is important in life ?

I think the answer is that as human beings, we are just easily impressed with the wrong things. Fame and riches just dazzle us in ways that very few other things do. Yet think about Christians we know the truth, have the answer to life, and yet that doesn't sweep us off of our feet nearly like the idea of fame does. I dare say that if the Duggars presence yesterday morning had been announced earlier in the week that they were coming, that we might have had a record crowd at church yesterday. Perhaps I am wrong, but I don't think so. At the very least, we would have had many more folks than what we did. That much we know.

We serve the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings yet we struggle to get as excited about that truth as we do about a young family who can be seen on television each week. Our human nature craves what we can feel and see as opposed to what demands faith and hope. Perhaps that is why in God's Word, He says to us " Blessed are those who believe but have not yet seen." God made us, He knows our strengths, our weaknesses, what would easily turn the heads of mankind and what would be a struggle for all of us. Hence, in His wisdom and compassion, He both warns and comforts us by basically saying " Hey...I know it will be difficult to believe in Me when you have not yet seen Me, but you and your life will be blessed if you do."  What a loving and empathetic God !

I suppose the question that I must ask myself and also my readers is this....are we as impressed with the almighty God, the maker and creator of the universe as we are of mere men who are famous ? If our answer is "no" then it may be time to do a real heart check. I know that yesterday caused me to really evaluate and think about what truly impresses me and gains my attention.

How about you ?