I was stunned when I heard that Pre-natal classes are now being offered for grandparents. Just four words came screaming into my mind when I heard that - BEEN THERE DONE THAT !  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being with our grandbabies. They are my love and my joy and the same is true with my husband but make no mistake about it, I just don't want to be doing the pre-natal thing all over again. Maybe it is because something like having to go to a class lends itself to the idea that I am going to be doing alot of WORK for the baby when everyone knows that my primary job as " Mimi" is to be in charge of the FUN category. That is something that I am not mixed up about.

However, no sooner did I type the first paragraph than I was reminded of the fact that there are just some situations out there , probably quite a few actually, where grandma and grandpa simply have to step in as the primary care givers of the grandchildren. This is not lost on me and my heart and prayers go out to those folks. They should be applauded and given a medal because I don't know how they do it. Let me explain why. When our sweet grand babies come over for a fun time, I throw my all into it. Playdough, hide-n-go seek, swimming, tickling, wrestling, reading books and you name it are all the order of the day. After all of that, I have one thought...which is " Thank God for Cailou!" and I am grateful to call myself a "Sproutlet". Why is that? Because being a Sproutlet and watching Cailou means that I get to sit and recover for at least thirty minutes while I stare at the tube like a zombie. While I am in that catonic state just gazing at the T.V. , I have one thought on my mind. This thought is none other than this " I get to hand my adorable grands back to mom and dad soon." - Ha ha. I love them arriving and I love them leaving. It is the best feeling to say "hello" and to say "goodbye" and this is precisely the reason that I do not need prenatal classes.

Some of you readers might be saying " Well yes, I understand where you are coming from, but sometimes you may be watching your infant grandchildren and you might need a refresher course on how to take care of them."  Have you ever heard of the saying" It is just like riding a bicycle - once you learn , you never forget?"  I discovered that the same principle is true for caring for those little munchkins. Once you have been through all those years of parenting, it comes right back to you when you are a grand parent. I just don't need a class to learn how to ride that bike all over again. I say this to be an encouragement to all of you expectant grandparents out there who are looking forward to the birth of your very first grand baby. What a thrilling and exciting time and you might be just a bit nervous thinking you are "out of practice" so to speak. No worries - within minutes it all comes back to you and you will be a pro again in no time. At least that is how it was for me and I think it will be no different for you.

So get ready for one of the most gloriously joyful experiences of your life - where you get to enjoy with not all of the toil...the beautiful title of "Pop" or "Mimi" or " Grammy" or " Grandpa" or "Memaw" or "Papaw" or whatever those little fidgets are going to be affectionately calling you. Get ready for games, songs, hugs, giggles, messes, crying, naps...all of it. Just remember that it will just be coming in short spurts here and there and you are not in charge of all the work. For those grand parents who are....again, my thoughts and prayers are with you because you surely have a big job at an age where we simply tire more easily. You are and will always be the ultimate heroes in my book !

 I guess for me what I am saying is ..Will I watch the kids for a few hours so mom and dad can have dinner out ? Sure, sign me up ! Will I take the kids to our pool and play with them out in the back yard for a few hours tomorrow morning? Absolutely...can't wait ! Will I go to prenatal classes ? NO - BEEN THERE, DONE THAT !

 I love those babes, but I love letting their parents be their mom and their dad - as it should be :)

 Happy Grand parenting everyone !