The new year is here and so are several resolutions …of that I am sure. Personally, I do not make hard and fast resolutions  but I do attempt to make changes each year. This year is no different and what I am going to work on is the title of the blog entry today. Having an unspoken thought is necessary in order to have peace and tranquility in this life. Some folks have been labeled as never having an unspoken thought…Donald Trump, Rosie O’Donnell, Whoopi Goldberg, and several others. I definitely do not want to be a member of this club. If I am completely honest however, I think that many times I could have been an official card carrying member of it. I desire to change that and pray that God will help me to do so.


           A change like that first begins with realizing that it is just not necessary to always speak or write a thought even if it is the truth. The truth always stands strong by itself and it doesn’t need me or you or anyone else to openly state it. Sometimes it is important to speak up, to be heard, to make something known. Many times it is not. The wisdom that each of us needs to strive for is knowing the difference.


         One of the benefits of growing older is realizing that it is not our responsibility to expose false or wrong statements all the time. Often the error or incorrect information will be found out in due time without our interference or involvement whatsoever. In fact, sometimes when we prematurely interject our opinions or view, the exact opposite result of what we desire may occur. Sometimes just sitting back, remaining quiet, letting circumstances and events play out is just what the doctor ordered and will bring forth the results that we desire much more quickly than if we openly express ourselves.


  Something is to be said for the old adage “Silence is Golden.” Perhaps if we put it into practice on a regular basis and became more serious and thoughtful about listening instead of talking we would better off.  Having a thought that doesn’t pass through our vocal chords may prove to be a real challenge for some of us and will not be easy but then again, nothing that is worth achieving ever is.


Don’t say out loud what you are thinking right now !   Ha :)