My phone rang yesterday and the voice that I heard on the other end squealed “ Hi Mimi!” My heart immediately began to melt, my frown turned to a smile and I replied “ Hi Trent!”  All of a sudden, my day was made. My little grandson was calling me and that made the world a better place to be in. He then said “ Mimi, do you know what a fundwaiser is?” ( yes, I know I spelled it wrong, but that is how he pronounces his r’s) I immediately started laughing because I knew what was coming next….I was about to be hit up for some cash…ha. He went on to explain that if Pop (my husband) and I bought enough items from the online list that his mommy had sent to us,  then he could get  "the biggest, loudest, best trumpet horn ever.”  Wow… I love that little boy!


I had my instructions from Trent and his beautiful mom jumped on the phone next. My first question was “ How much do Pop and I need to buy for him to win the biggest, loudest, best trumpet horn ever?” She explained that he needed to have a total of ten items ordered for him to get the trumpet. She then went on to say that she and my son had ordered two items, a couple from their church had ordered one item, Uncle Ben and Aunt Stephanie had ordered one item, Uncle Matty and Aunt Lindsay had ordered one and so all that was left for me to do was the Math.  That little guy needed five more items ordered from his Pop and Mimi and guess what we did…we jumped on line and ordered five items, no questions asked and we loved doing so.


Later in the evening, I got to thinking about that. When that precious boy asked Mimi for a favor and needed us to come through for him, we did not hesitate. There was just no confusion about what we wanted which is that big, loud, horn in that little guy’s hands once this fundraiser is over. Why is that? It is simply because he and my other grandbabies mean the world to us. We love them to bits and we want to please them, to make them happy in every way that we can. That is just a no brainer.


I then had another thought ….is my love, my devotion, my desire to please the Lord as strong, as fierce as it is to please my grandkids? It was a sobering and convicting thought. The truth is the Holy Spirit has pricked my mind and heart about many things and the truth is, I have not always followed through . God has nudged me to do something or to witness for him or to make a well timed remark or a myriad of things that I have not complied with. I have to ask myself …is my love and desire to please the Lord at the same intensity level as it was to please my grandson yesterday? If not, why not?


The Bible tells us that we prove our love for the Lord through our obedience to Him. If we follow His commands, his leadings, his urging us, then we show our allegiance and devotion to Him. It is not complicated stuff, it is actually quite simple. I felt convicted last night, not because of our love and generosity towards Trent as that is a sweet, a good thing…but does my heart for the Lord and His desires pale in comparison?


Perhaps you may be able to relate, I do not know. What I am sure of is that it is food for thought and one worth chewing over and contemplating. Just what place in my life does God have? It should be first, it should always show and it really should not take a phone call from my grandson to make me realize it.


That certainly gives me something to work on….how about you?