I am about to embark on another writing adventure and am not quite sure if it is because I am a glutton for punishment or perhaps it is just therapeutic for me. Three years ago our youngest son Matty gave me a blog for Mother's Day. I was thrilled with it except for one aspect about it - he named it the Pam Hastings Daily Blog. The sticking point being of course that word that all writers fear and dread which is " daily." Feeling a need to meet the challenge I enthusiastically set about writing every single day for six straight months. It went from a fun novelty to a subtle responsibility which began to take the enjoyment out of it for me. That was over a year ago and now many months after that I find myself missing it.

 Hence I am beginning once again only this time I am hopefully a bit wiser. I am aiming to write three times a week , maybe sometimes four. My topics range from political to humorous stories about my children growing up, to parenting in general, to lessons learned and current issues in the news etc. In other words, I don't pigeon hole myself or back up into any particular corner. Matty has also made some improvements in certain features of the blog ; for example , readers can now leave comments about specific entries right on Facebook, not just on the blog itself. Hopefully that will encourage more feedback and comments which is always helpful for any writer.

 My goal is to hopefully encourage, challenge, provoke thought, perhaps even entertain in some ways through my writing. Sometimes I have been known to irritate as well if I feel passionately about something and the reader disagrees with my position but such is the stuff of life and as my mom used to say …"That's what makes the world go 'round."

So friends , be on the lookout for the blog here once again - happy reading and please let me know your thoughts from time to time if you have a minute to do so. God Bless and have a great day :)