When I look at the picture above , I feel that it describes my life perfectly. We have all heard the expression " time flies". In the last fifteen years or so, a better description would be "time is a blur."  I am watching my former third graders graduate high school, graduate college and even more incredible, becoming parents. Ouch ...yes, I am old !

If I could stand on a mountain top and shout the most important message to the younger generation , it would be this - DISCOVER AND UNDERSTAND NOW WHILE YOU ARE YOUNG WHAT IS TRULY IMPORTANT AND WHAT IS NOT.

Look, we all get 100 years or less on this earth. Many of us will have far less time than that. While it is true that we need to be educated, prepare, and have a plan in place that will help us earn money to support ourselves in this life, it is not what life is all about. Big houses, big paychecks, cool cars are all nice but are so temporal, just stuff.

Knowing why you are here, knowing your purpose in life, knowing how to honor the people who God has placed in your life in the right way, knowing that others are so much more important than things and are so much more important than Starbucks, and your cell phone, and your wardrobe, and your vacations , and your bling and....and....and....and....

To all you twenty and thirty somethings , if you could grasp this truth that time is a blur and that you need to really understand what is most important NOW....not twenty years from now , you would change your life. You would know peace, gratitude, contentment, and joy in your youth instead of when you are in your golden years. Instead of chasing, you could be enjoying. Such a huge difference.

The clock on the wall relentlessly ticks away. As the years pass that ticking seems to increase in speed in such a cruel way. We wake up one day and realize that we now qualify for the senor citizen discounts and we wonder how that can be. If we learn what is MOST important early on , we can look back at this stage with a smile and not many regrets and that means everything.

The truth is this life is a vapor, a wisp. The Bible tells us that and we begin to see the truth of it as we grow older. Thank God that He has provided an eternity to us that will never end but will go on forever for those who trust Christ in this very short life here on earth. Heaven will be so glorious that perhaps it may seem that time passes like a blur there as well or maybe it is just timeless. It won't matter since it never ends.

Life here does end some day for each of us. God's Word tells us that our days our numbered which means that He knows how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds each of us will live here on this planet. Are you making your time count ? Do you know what is important ? Do you realize what matters ? I hope that we do , because time is moving fast .....

like a blur.