My husband and I are grandparents now and we LOVE it ! Gone are the days of telling kids to get up on time, to do their homework, to clean their rooms and to eat all of their vegetables. We've been there , done that and are skipping around throwing confetti on the other side of the tunnel ! This is the life as they say :)

Another joy of this stage of life is being able to look back with hopefully...not too many regrets. I can honestly say that for the most part I can smile as I reflect back on how we trained and taught our four kiddos but there is definitely one area where I find myself cringing...just a bit. This is in the area of how competitive I was when raising our children and the importance that I put on them being competitive all things.

Some of you reading right now might be a bit perplexed thinking that competition is a good thing and I would generally agree with that statement. However now I am  out of the day to day journey of parenting and I have a new perspective. It is that " being the best of everyone " is NOT the be all and the end all and I think that as parents we make a grave mistake if we emphasize it too much.
The two people who have taught me this lesson are my two oldest grandsons...Trent and Benny. They are all boy, all energy, all physical and love sports, swimming, doing daring things.....yet neither of them is ultra competitive. They want to challenge themselves to do well in whatever they attempt but their joy is never really because they beat out someone else. In fact, they both have an empathetic attitude towards others in a way that sometimes was lacking in how we raised their dads. For example, when I congratulated Benny on a certificate that he received in class earlier this school year for getting straight A's, he nonchalantly said " Yeah, but I sort of felt bad for some of the kids who didn't get one, and I told some of them, don't even worry about it because you will probably get it next time." He sincerely meant that and this Mimi's heart was so proud !

It was just so refreshing, so innocent , so authentic. Benny really could have cared less if he " beat out " or " did better " than anyone else. What a lesson there is in least for me.

Maybe it is because I grew up with five brothers in a sports oriented home .....
Maybe it is because our first three children were boys who all loved sports as well.....
Maybe it is because by nature I have always been a competitive  person....

I don't know but I do know that my grand baby taught me something that day.

He taught me the lesson that our joy should only be in being better than our own selves in the past, not in being better than others.

Maybe I am also just so weary of our thuggish culture in pro sports as well. One doesn't have to be a brain surgeon to see the results of hero worship of professional athletes who may be able to dunk a ball or score a touchdown but seem to possess  ZERO character.

No thanks.....I will take the Trent and Benny approach any day - I just think it pleases the Lord so much more.