The picture above is of a disturbed and dangerous man. As all of America is aware he is presently on trial for sexually abusing scores of young boys over a period of several years. There are nine alleged victims who have testified over recent days of the unspeakable and disgusting abuse that they suffered at the hands of a man who was heralded as one of the most beloved and revered coaches and mentors in the world of college football. Therein lies the problem. He was so popular, so looked up to that these kids felt helpless to do anything. One of the boys , an eighteen year old testified over the last two days that Sandusky brought him to a basement bedroom in his home and forced him to engage in several sexual acts over one hundred different times over a three year period. This poor kid wept openly on the stand as did several of the jurors who were listening to him. When asked if he ever told anyone about the abuse this boy said " No" and when asked "Why?" he responded with a question himself. He said " He was a well known and respected football coach , who was going to believe some kid ?"  Excellent point and sadly he is most likely correct.

 See , there are perverts everywhere but not many of them on the coaching staff of one of the leading and most prestigious football programs in the country. He also headed up the Second Mile charity which provided the perfect atmosphere and opportunities for a preying pedophile such as Sandusky. There is so much that is disgusting and heartbreaking about his case but what is most tragic is the fact that these kids felt like they would not be believed if they told anyone because this man was on such a pedestal in the eyes of the public which brings me to my main point.

 I am not blaming sports or the sports world for this man's crimes but it cannot be denied that he was able to get away with his behavior for as long as he did because of who he was and the position that he held. That is a fact. Even the other coaching staff member who witnessed his abuse in the shower against a young ten to twelve year old boy did not confront Sandusky himself when he saw the abuse happening. He did call his father right away and reported the incident to Joe Paterno later in the week but the question that popped into my mind right away is why he did not walk right in that shower and stop the attack while it was happening? The only answer that I can come up with is that Sandusky was his superior and he was in awe of him. He even testified that his mind had trouble processing what he had just seen and he made a loud noise in the locker room so that Sandusky would be aware of someone's presence there and might stop his actions. That however was not enough to save that young boy in the moment of the attack. There have also been numerous testimonies from others in the community that rumors had been swirling about Sandusky and his perversion for years yet nothing had been done. What a tragedy.

 Now today I read in the news that Sandusky's defense team is claiming that he has a psychological disorder. I am not qualified to speak on that but a man who has been sexually attacking young boys for years and years has way more than a disorder. He is a sick, twisted criminal who needs to lose his freedom - period. I pray that he will be found guilty and sentenced to the maximum penalty possible.

 He is not a football hero or a football legend or a great coach. He is a pedophile , nothing more.