Life is not a breeze.

 If we are all honest, we know that life can be downright difficult at times.
 Simply put, it can be -


Hopefully this isn't what life is like for the majority of your time that you are conscious and functioning.

For those times that it is though....what one ingredient can HELP in a HUGE WAY ? What one element when interjected into the midst of quarrels, arguments, frowns, and tears ....can alleviate the pain and the angst ? 

The answer is quite simple - HUMOR.

If you are a parent, teacher, spouse, sibling, child ( that pretty much includes everyone )...this key thought is for you ...and that is this -

Don't take yourself or others too seriously and LEARN TO LAUGH now and then at life.

LIfe is terribly funny all by itself but we have to be willing to see it. So many times we focus on the problem and before we know it, we are practicing negative self talk which I call  " stinkin thinkin " and we are bogged down in our minds and hearts.

How much better to have the ability to see the " funny " in a situation ?!

One of our grand babies taught us this  important lesson in the truth of how powerful humor is. When she was about 3 years old, she went through a phase where if she was irritated or upset with someone , she would pick up the nearest object to her might be a toy, or a piece of candy, or a book didn't matter, and she would stare intently at the person she was annoyed with and she would declare " Do you want me to throw this at you ?"

It may not have been funny to her parents, but to me as a grandparent it was both cute and hilarious. Of course, she was also three years old. My husband and I took her cue though and ever since that time period, when we are in a heated argument or disagreement and our tempers are flaring ( which isn't often these days now that all the delightful offspring are out of our home - ha ha ), one of us will randomly pick up the nearest object to us and sneer " Do you want me to throw this at you ?"  ...and immediately both my hubby and I begin to break into a smile and usually just start laughing.

Why is that ? Because a bit of brevity, a sprinkle of lightheartedness can do wonders at making us realize that the quarrel between us isn't really the end of the world as we were tending to view it prior to us repeating our grand baby's threat of hurling an object at the other person. It just puts things in perspective.

In a nutshell, our grand baby ministered to us. She did it in childish innocence, but as more mature human beings, we can put into practice the principle behind it. That principle is to look for the funny in situations , especially situations that are trying.

Show me a parent who can see the funny and laugh now and then and I will show you kids who aren't as resentful or rebellious towards mom and dad.

Show me a teacher who can see the funny and laugh now and then and I will show you a teacher who has captured the hearts of her students and they will go to the moon and back for that teacher because she has them in the palm of her hands.

Show me a sibling who can see the funny and laugh now and then and I will show you someone who is loved and adored by their brothers and sisters.

Show me a coach who can see the funny and laugh now and then and I will show you a guy whose athletes will do just about anything for him because he has lightened the load just a bit.

Show me a spouse who can see the funny and laugh now and then and I will show you their spouse who is happy and smiling a great deal of the time.

Is all of life just light and happy and rosy all the time ? Of course not. Much of it is painful and heartbreaking. However, if  we can somehow begin to look for the humor in even the most trying of times, we might surprise ourselves with the strength   that skill provides. I know this to be true because I have witnessed the power of humor in my own life. Hey, if you raised the Hastings kids, you would be the same way !  Lol

Yes, life is tough.
Yes, it can hurt.
Yes, it can make us cry.
Yes, it can make us feel hopeless at times.

But life is also outrageously funny...or at least it has the potential to be.
We just have to look for it.

Keep your eyes open and give it a try, will you ?
If you say no.....

I just might throw something at you !!!