This little cartoon figure above is one of the evil pictures that pops up when one googles in " images of evil people." I wish that true evil was as harmless as this guy above. Sadly it isn't. What happened yesterday at the Navy Yard was insanity unleashed. Just craziness running rampant. Yet today I keep hearing reports on the news that the police are trying to determine the motive of the killer.

Really ?

Why ?

I mean, can we make sense of insanity ? When attempting to ascribe a motive for this man who was treated for years for mental illness, who heard voices, is that not trying to fit a square peg into a round hole? Why would we be attaching reason and rational motives to this guy ? It just is not necessary to do, in fact it is a waste of time.

Evil and insanity both need no reasons for why they wreak havoc in our society. It was just last month where a young Australian man was shot in the back as he jogged along the road because the thugs who murdered him were " bored"....wanted " a thrill "...." something to do." I am not saying that the young thugs who committed this murder were crazy ....I don't believe they were , but they were pure evil , make no mistake about that.

Murder and violence against another has always been wrong. But in years past, there usually was some reason in the killer's mind. There was a love triangle, a jealousy, or the quest for money in a robbery attempt. Perhaps someone is completely out of their minds on drugs or alcohol and do not even remember what they had done. None of these types of crimes are excusable either and the offender should be punished fully, but an observer at least can perhaps attach some reason, some motive for the horrible offenses.

In today's world however, the criminals are often simply killing for "fun" or they have been extremely disturbed for a number of years. It is truly sad that mentally ill folks slip through the cracks and continue on in life with little or no treatment, yet if they do commit a heinous attack, do we need to beat our heads against the wall trying to figure out why they did what they did ? I don't think so.

My heart goes out to the families of these victims who diedor were injured at the Navy Yard yesterday. Deep anguish and pain is what they are drowning in today and they need our prayers. What they don't need however is to try to wrack their brains trying to understand what motivated the killer to kill. He was a mad man, disturbed, deranged, and he committed the most evil of acts. Period. A guy like this did not need a rational reason to do this crime and so why try to find one? To do so only adds insult to injury and more emotional pain for the loved ones of those who lost their lives.

We live in a senseless , often twisted world.....a world that desperately needs an answer. The answer is Christ. Many will go all the way through their lives not understanding this important truth. He is what makes sense, He is what heals broken minds and damaged hearts. He is the only one who brings true peace and stability to the inner turmoil raging inside of confused people. Education will not solve the problem of mass murders, of violence in our country. Neither will money thrown at the problem in terms of more mental health services solve it. That is because our country's problem is a sin issue. It is an ignorance issue. Ignorant of what you ask ? Ignorant of God, His Word , and His relevancy to our lives.

He is the only one who has lasting hope for the hurting.

What's more is there is no reason why He loves us.

He just does.

He wants us to love him back seek Him understand Him know Him.

...and to let Him comfort in times like this when no one else really can.

Please pray for these grieving families today !