If you are breathing right now, you have had the experience of someone jumping to a conclusion about you.

 If their conclusion was positive and favorable, then chances are you we're okay with that.
 If their conclusion was negative and inaccurate, chances are....not so much.

If I have learned anything in my almost 60 years of living, it is that we cannot possibly know what others are really thinking.
We may assume, we may suppose, we may arrive at conclusions about another's thoughts and motives....and yet...

 We can be dead wrong.

 Let's all be honest here.
 We have all been on the delivering end as well as the receiving end of jumping to wrong conclusions.

I know that I have. I can know fact A and fact B about a person, and then in my own head, I arrive at point C
when in reality , point C requires me knowing for sure what that person was thinking and feeling inside when only God has 
the unique ability to do that.

How often do we ASSUME something about ...

 a friend
 a family member
 a coworker
 a parent
 a child
 a boss
 a student
 a teacher

 and afterwards , we find that we were totally and completely off base in that conclusion ?

 The truth is that we have all been guilty of this.
 The truth also is that it hurts a whole bunch more when someone else does it to us.
 When that happens , what is the remedy, the solution ?
 How do we resolve this dilemma ?

 It is simple, really.

 We go to that other person and we simply ask them if our conclusion is correct.
 This requires wisdom, candor and just plain guts but it is worth it.
 Just go to that other person and have a heart to heart talk with them.

 Rather than arriving at a potential wrong conclusion, just kindly ask them what their thoughts or motives were.
 It might feel uncomfortable.
 It will probably be a bit awkward at first.
 But it is the right way to handle it.

 and when the other person gives you their answer ...

 GIVE them the benefit of the doubt.

 Do not assume the worst.

 That is the key .....taking that person at their word, and moving on.

 This is what God desires for us. If we can follow His desire..

 contentment will replace dissatisfaction
 peace will replace turmoil
 happiness will replace anxiety ....in all of our relationships.

 Jumping can be a great thing -

 We can jump puddles, jump to the hoop, jump to the arms of those we love -
 The only thing that we want to be careful to not jump to ....

 are conclusions about others, their hearts, their motives.

 It is good advice for every one of us.
 Give it some thought.
 Will you ?