I am one of the most frequent users of Facebook. I simply plead guilty to that charge. It is a medium that has connected me with lost friends and family members as well as providing a quick and convenient way of touching base with others on a daily basis. I can read experiences and see pictures of what is happening in the lives of those that I care about. It has many advantages of helping me to feel and stay connected to others and for that I applaud it.

Sadly however, I cannot help but notice another facet of FB. It has a tendency to turn our focus on ourselves. We tend to post statuses about what WE did that day, how WE are feeling, information about things that pertain to OUR lives. I am as guilty as anyone as my focus and joy often surrounds my grand babies. I am posting pics or statuses about how much I enjoy them, what I do with them, funny and cute things that they say or do and so on.  In and of itself , there is nothing wrong or no built in "sin" if you will in doing this but it most definitely has occurred to me lately that we could use the medium in other productive ways.

Posting encouraging thoughts and scripture verses, helpful blog entries, perhaps pictures that build up or cause others to laugh are just a few suggestions. Humor is one of the best medicines for the human soul so anything that will give others a good chuckle is something that I am always on the lookout for.

As we approach what is perhaps the most important election of our time, I also find myself posting statements or pictures of a political nature. I have heard some folks saying that a social medium is not the place to state one's political views. I gave a lot of thought to that and found that I disagree. My view is that if we have an opportunity to cause another person to perhaps think and reflect on a truth that they might not otherwise ponder if we remain silent, then we need to jump on that opportunity. It can only help not hurt and anyone who would rather not view anything of a political nature surely has the freedom to hide or delete people who are politically minded.

One of my politically minded friends remarked once that his goal is to be hidden by as many on is friend list as possible. I am not sure that he was serious but his comment surely gave me a laugh. Maybe I am right up there with him regarding how often I am "hid." Ha ha…I can live with it.

In any event, we all use and enjoy social media for different reasons and write about different topics and subjects. The one challenge that would be good and worthwhile for perhaps all of us to consider though is to attempt to not get caught up in our own lives but in the lives of others and what is taking place in our world today. As adorable as my grand babies are, it is something that I am going to work on. We should all endeavor to expose truth and be a help every chance that we get.

Undoubtedly , there will be others who hold different views than what I expressed here in this blog today and that's okay also. After all , it would be a very boring world if we all agreed on everything ! My dad used to say that controversy makes the world go 'round . Not sure of the accuracy of that statement either but differing opinions surely make life interesting and we should never be afraid of them.

Happy Living and let us start thinking more about others than yours truly !