Sometime last week, this week, or next week most students will return to school. We all know that every school year holds both highs and lows. This post is something to hold onto when you hit the lows whether you are a student, a parent, or a teacher. I have been all three so I feel somewhat qualified to jot down a few thoughts about this issue.

Bottom line is parents feel more passionate about their kids than just about anything else in life. Because of this, when problems arise , teachers need to be aware that they will be dealing with someone whose emotions may be topping the meter. As a teacher, it is nothing to be afraid of as much as being sensitive to it. It took me a few years to understand that just because a mom or dad seemed very intense when talking to me, it was simply because they are extremely concerned about their child, not because they are feeling upset with me personally. Just something for all the teachers out there to keep in mind. Always remember...whatever problem you are dealing with....THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

Students have a unique responsibility as the year begins. Simply tell the truth ! Kids are smart...very smart. They know how to tell part of the truth but not the whole truth. They are experts at coloring things to their own advantage when relaying a story to mom and dad about what happened in school that day. Children seem to have an innate ability to play parents against the teacher and visa versa. If you are a student who is old enough to read and comprehend this blog today.....please just be honest. Be accurate and tell the entire truth and nothing but the truth when talking to both your mom and/or dad and your teacher. If you are down or torn up about something that is going on in your life at school....get wise counsel from adults who care about you and always remember.....THIS TOO SHALL PASS

Parents , the best advice that can be given to you is this...take a deep breath. Calm down. Get a right perspective on things. As I look back on my kids' school experiences as they were growing up, the most overwhelming feeling I have is that I simply got too wound up about matters. So much of what I thought bordered on a "crisis" level really wasn't at all. I can look back now and realize that but at the time , the issue at hand seemed paramount, earth shattering. Rarely is that the case. Of course there are times that you need to follow up on a matter with a teacher or administration personnel but way too many times we simply implode over something that in the large scope of things, is just not worth getting unraveled over. If you are losing sleep over something....keep in mind that ....THIS TOO SHALL PASS

Some of you may be reading this and thinking " Well, no one really understands how huge my problem is though."  Not so....I had and still have four very normal kids who had many huge bumps in the road of growing up. As parents we went through suspensions, expulsions, fist fights, cheating episodes, scuffles out on the sports field, you name it. Guess what ? We survived as parents and so did our kids. It doesn't mean that we didn't deal with the problems...we did...head on. It just means that even though at the time it felt like our world was collapsing, it actually wasn't. We punished, we prayed, we talked, we corrected, we LOVED our kids through every trial. That's what families do...they learn and grow through the tough times.

Today, three of our four kids are married and are parents...and doing a might great job at parenting I might add. :) Our youngest is grown and single but living on her own as a young adult. Somehow we made it through the maze of raising our kids. We are not in a mental institution, our children are not in jail, we are all still functioning in our right minds even though at times I was not sure that we would be....ha ha.

We leaned on the Lord through all of it. He is the one who can right wrongs, who can wipe away tears, who can set crooked paths to be straight. I am thankful that He was our rock when we needed one...which was often. He also helped me take a deep breath now and then and at times it seemed as though He was leaning down and whispering in my ear....


 Have a great school year everyone !