Yesterday I realized an important truth. Some people are simply addicted to drama. They are just not quite content unless some sort of strife or contention is taking place either in their lives or in those around them. Because of this, they are usually the ones who are stirring up the trouble. I used to think that these types of individuals just simply need to mature, or learn how to navigate through relationships in a more peaceable way, but now I am seriously wondering if this " draw to drama " is perhaps an addiction of some sorts.

Do you know anyone in your own life that fits this description ? They are easy to spot. These folks usually possess some very definite and distinct traits. Look at the list below and see if you recognize any -

1.) A person who is addicted to drama enjoys twisting innocent remarks that people have made into something that sounds sinister and then repeats their distorted version to others who will be hurt by their lies.

2.) A person who is addicted to drama will seemingly become nasty or hostile very quickly for no apparent reason. They seem to enjoy observing the reactions that they get from others when they do this.

3.) A person who is addicted to drama often gives ultimatums. They enjoy saying " Do this or I will not do such and such."

4.) A person who is addicted to drama tends to push buttons. They try to make remarks to others that they know can and will cause the most hurt or turmoil in the other person's life.

5.) A person who is addicted to drama is insecure. You often hear them talking about their own accomplishments and achievements and they often will openly and verbally compare themselves to others in a favorable light.

Are you nodding your head in recognition right now ? Does this sound like someone you know ?

If so, I would love to be able to say that we all need to just cut such folks off ...just rid our lives of them. However, this is not what Christ would do. Also, often these people may be close work associates, neighbors, or even family members. So completely disassociating ourselves is impossible. I do however suggest another wise response. Simply distance yourselves just a bit. Back up slightly and give yourself more room. This space can help both you and the drama addicted person as hopefully it will cause them to think about why you are pulling back. At the very least, it will allow you to have not so many direct interactions on such a frequent basis which can be very helpful for your sanity.

Above all else, pray for that person and never cease to be hopeful that one day they will change. After all , this is what Jesus would do. He never wrote people off, he never gave up on them, he never said " forget you " to anyone. This doesn't mean that we need to continue to be close or best friends with that person either....but just that we don't flush them down the relationship toilet if you will. Give time for God to work in them as you pray for them. Others have prayed for us and not given up on us during times that we have been difficult so why not give the same grace to others ?

Drama addicted people.....they are everywhere. Our goal should be to perhaps stop hanging with them so much while never stopping to care about them. Our lives will be more at peace and more joyful if we do. Give them and yourself some time and space between each other and give God time to work.

Maybe they will change, maybe they won't but in the meantime, you won't be losing your marbles.
The men in white coats won't have to come get you.
You will actually enjoy life without so much stress.

Not everyone is perfect, but not everyone is problematic either.
Find those who detest drama as much as you do and surround yourself with those people.

and never stop praying that the addicts will someday join your throng.