Police Officers

We live in weird times. Weird because we seem to glorify and emulate celebrities, movie stars, pro athletes and anyone who is rich or famous. Sad.

The people however who should be receiving our praise, thanks, and recognition are instead being attacked and criticized. We are an upside down world and this is evidenced no more clearly than in the present climate of how police are being viewed in our nation today.

Are there a few bad cops out there ? Of course. Just like there are a few bad teachers, a few bad parents, a few bad doctors, a few bad businessmen and let's face it .....many bad lawyers ( ha ha ).

In no other profession though do we take the broad "bad" paint brush and swipe it across the whole profession thereby tainting all in that line of work like we do with police. Why is that ? It is for no other reason than we get most of our impressions, our perceptions on how the world is operating today from the news and it is no secret that the liberal based media will do all they can to cast law enforcement in a negative light.

The truth though is in just the last two weeks, I have seen stories and pictures of police officers stopping during their days to play street basketball with kids. to have a catch with a baseball with some youngsters, riding sleds with them, and in today's news there is a story of an entire department showing up at the kindergarten graduation ceremony of a fellow officer's daughter because that officer is presently deployed with the military.

I was both disgusted yet amused at the foolish outcry of the protestors in Ferguson who were demanding that the police force in that town be dissolved. They were insisting that they no longer wanted a police department in the town of Ferguson because of their misplaced " outrage " of what they thought had happened to Michael Brown.

Really ? You want there to be no law enforcement in your town ? As my husband would say " That's brilliant !"  So the next time there is a burglary, or an assault, or a rape or a murder, there is absolutely nobody to call ? People can now be savagely brutalized, beaten, killed, stabbed, maimed with no organization to come to their aid and rescue ? Now there is an answer !

When are we going to come to our senses ?
When are we going to stop the victim mentality ?
When are we going to stop calling all cops bad because of a few ?
When are people going to start simply complying with an officer's request ?
When are folks going to stop resisting arrest ?
When are we going to start immediately stopping and arresting those who destroy property and attack officers ?

Are you disagreeing with the tone of this article ?
Are you one of the ones who is continually criticizing our men and women in blue ?

If so , please remember that the next time that you or your loved one is in desperate trouble.
You need help and you need it quickly.
Who do you call?

Oh that's right...you frantically dial the number of the people who have been your verbal target for the past months.
You reach out to and beg the police for help.
You need them.
You want them.
You cry out for them to come.
....and you know what ?
They do
or as soon as they can get there
because that is their job
and even though blue lives matter
in their minds , at that moment....YOUR LIFE MATTERS MORE

Can we please remember that ?
and get back to a place where we  respect, we admire.....those in blue

because they put their lives at stake every single day
for the rest of us
no matter who we are.

Thank you to each and every police officer everywhere!
We are grateful !