Whether you like Sarah Palin or not, you cannot argue that she is a hugely influential person. This morning more than just a few folks have won elections in the eleventh hour and it is no coincidence that Sarah Palin threw her political weight and support behind these people in the last couple of days before the election. Many of the news stations today are reporting that her endorsement and backing was an important deciding factor in these victories.


Let’s face it, you either love her or hate her. The left smacks their lips at every opportunity to mock her or poke fun at her from every angle. One of their favorite arrows that they love to shoot at her is the “dumb” arrow. Every chance they get to describe her as less than bright they jump on. What is truly puzzling about their conclusion is that I just do not know or see a lot of dull and unintelligent people achieving what she has achieved.nor do I see them making the money that she makes. No…I don’t buy the dumb theory about this lady at all…because if she is dumb, she is as dumb as a fox.


Make no mistake about it – those that hate on Sarah Palin either fear her power or they are irritated by her clout and charisma. She is a no nonsense, down to earth, plain talking woman whose message has resonated with millions of Americans in a huge and intense way and some do not like it…period. On top of that, she is attractive and stylish which just further rubs them the wrong way. She is informed , decisive, and possesses a tremendous amount of old fashioned common sense. In a nutshell she is the complete package that scares her opponents.


I for one am a huge fan and supporter and I am thankful for her political views and stances. She represents what millions of Amercians believe to be right and honorable which are virtues that are rapidly diminishing in our society today. There will be some who read this blog who will completely disagree with my view on this lady who has made such an impact in our country over these last two years. That does not bother me at all. I know a genuine and worthy individual when I see one and Sarah Palin is the real deal !