I do not know how many of you were able to hear President Obama’s remarks about the officer who arrested Henry Louis Gates who is a friend of the President. He is also reported to be a Harvard scholar, however his recent behavior mirrors that of unruly grade school boy instead.


        A neighbor of Mr. Gates had called the police reporting that there were two individuals with back packs looking as though they were trying to force their way into Mr. Gates’ home and the witness was quite obviously concerned about a possible crime taking place. When the police arrived, the officer also saw two individuals on the dark porch attempting to force their way into the residence. The officer asked for some identification which would prove that either of these men lived at the residence and both men refused to produce any identification. Instead, one of the men, who is Mr. Gates became hostile and belligerent towards Sgt. Crowley, the police officer. This resistance continued until Sgt. Crowley had no choice but to place Mr. Gates under arrest for disorderly conduct.


        That is it in a nutshell. Here is the sixty-four thousand dollar question…why did not Mr. Gates simply produce his identification thereby proving that the house was his residence?


        Here is another pertinent question…why did not Mr. Gates feel a sense of gratitude and safety at the swift and competent arrival of the police realizing how well protected his residence would be should there have been a break in by an intruder? I would think that would have been the standard response and reaction of any normal responsible home owner.  Folks, if I am fumbling around on my dark porch, trying to force my way into my own home because I have lost my keys, and a police cruiser shows up asking questions and asking me for some identification, I am going to be relieved and thankful. First, relieved because perhaps the officers can assist me somehow in getting into my home once I have shown them that I am indeed the homeowner, and thankful as I realize how well protected my home is should I have been someone else trying to force their way into my home.


        But oh no, that is not the Harvard scholar’s response. He instead, becomes belligerent and hostile as he begins to throw out accusations of racial profiling at the caucasion police officer. Someone please point me to the nearest bathroom as I am beginning to feel nauseous. I am literally sick to death of people screaming “racial profiling” at every turn. Does racial profiling exist at all? Of course it does and as a society we should attempt to combat it and eliminate it but the only person in this incident guilty of racial profiling is Mr. Gates himself . Instead of graciously responding to the officer’s request for identification and allowing the police to do their job, he instead begins to yell racial slurs and remarks at someone who is only attempting to protect his home. How disgusting.


        What is even more repulsive and irresponsible were the public remarks by our president characterizing Sgt. Crowley’s actions as “stupid” and supporting the ridiculous accusations by Mr. Gates by echoing the notion of racial profiling somehow being a factor. President Obama should be ashamed of himself and held accountable for his unwise remarks that will only serve to exacerbate and ignite racial tension and race relations in our country.

        What is truly ludicrous is the fact that Mr.Gates is publicly asking for an apology from this police officer...huh? 

I loved Sgt. Crowley’s response when interviewed. The reporter asked him if he would offer the apology that Mr. Gates is demanding. In a very calm and professional manner, Sgt. Crowley simply and confidently responded “There will be no apology.”  He said nothing else, because the innocent and the one who is in the right need not scramble around furiously attempting to defend righteous behavior.


        I do not care if the color of one’s skin is red, black, white, yellow, brown, purple , or pink…if any individual uses his skin color as an excuse for poor behavior by screaming racial profiling, then he or she is not only hurting themselves, but they are hindering the progress and advancement of the younger members of his race that are following behind him.  They are watching this negative example being set and will continue to follow in the footsteps of accusing others of targeting them because of their skin color instead of correcting their wrong actions and attitudes.


        Wake up Mr. President and please wipe the chip off of your shoulder. Help all minorities by refusing to take the easy and wrong road of pointing the finger of guilt at innocent folks like Sgt. Crowley who was merely doing his job trying to protect citizens in his community.


        Are there any apologies necessary in this situation? Absolutely…not from Sgt. Crowley however, but from Mr. Gates to Sgt. Crowley and on a broader scale from our President to our country. I am alarmed, disgusted, and weary of it all. Are you?


If so, let your voice be heard.