I had a conversation today that I won't soon forget. I was talking to a mom of a seventeen year old girl. She was complaining to me that her daughter was turning eighteen years old soon but refused to get a job. I said to this mom...." Does your daughter have her driver's license ?" She replied " Oh yes, she has been driving for a year now." I said " Is it your car that she drives ?" She said " Yes". I said " Do you make the payments on the car and pay the insurance ?"  She said back to me " Yes." I then asked one last question ..." What is the problem then ?"  She said to me " What do you mean ?" I then answered her " You simply tell her that she is no longer driving your car until she pays just one month's insurance." This mom looked at me dumbfounded. She then said " Really ? Should I do that ?" I then answered her again .." I think it is safe to say that she will soon have a job if you make this the rule and if you mean it and stick by it."

She thought again for about five seconds and replied " That does it. This is what I am going to do. Thank you."

Folks, I am not Einstein. I am not a brain surgeon, I am not a rocket scientist. I don't need to be and neither does this mom. All we need to do is prepare kids for the life they will be living when they leave our home and guess what ? Indulging those kids, meeting all of their needs, fulfilling all of their desires, catering to all of their whims will not accomplish that. Instead , it will cripple them. They will not have drive, they will not have what my dad always called "spunk."  They will be timid, fearful, easily intimidated and not confident. Is that what you want for your kids?

Please just stop patting yourselves on your back because your child has every latest gadget, video game, or updated cell phone. That doesn't create anything but expectant, entitled kids. Don't be afraid of making things somewhat hard, somewhat uncomfortable and somewhat challenging for those precious offspring of yours - you will do them a world of good to allow some mud to get slung at them now and then. Let them learn how to duck or get up and clean themselves off for crying out loud.

 I was actually stunned that this mom today thought that I had shared some sort of earth shattering news with her because I hadn't. Back in the day, kids were expected to work for what they wanted and sometimes even for what they needed. We are cheating our kids today. We are robbing them and coddling them to the point that they don't know how to function in this world. At the end of our conversation today, this mom even said to me " I think you are right because my daughter has even started saying to me that she is afraid to turn eighteen...that she is fearful of becoming a legal adult." Well, of course she is. You haven't even begun to take out that pair of scissors that you will eventually use to cut those apron strings. Time to reach in the desk and get them mom....now.

Sorry for my soap box today - but I had to write about this. I feel better now. :)