Goal setting is a practice that we all take part in. If you are like me however, we sometimes find ourselves falling short of some of the goals that we reach for. Many reasons most likely factor into why this happens but one particular one jumps out at me - PATIENCE.

 Patience is something that I am simply not good at. I want to achieve, obtain, realize, and celebrate whatever the goal is NOW and that is the exact problem. Most worthy goals simply take planning, thought, and time to be achieved. I recently read George Foreman's autobiography, not because I am a particular George Foreman fan but because I was in the book section at the local thrift store and it looked interesting to me. I learned much about Foreman and his life but what I learned first and foremost is how patient of a man he was when it came to realizing a specific goal that he set for himself. He had been retired from boxing for several years but decided at age 37 that he wanted to take another shot at the heavyweight world champion boxing title. This goal seemed unreachable and ludicrous to all who knew him. He was over weight, out of shape, could not even run a block in his neighborhood yet he made up his mind to achieve his goal. He figured he would have to train for a couple of years to realistically have a chance as he knew it would take time. He was correct but off by about eight years as it took George Foreman TEN LONG YEARS to achieve his goal. He finally became the heavy weight champion of the world once again but not until he was forty-seven years old ! He attempted two other times to regain the title but lost each fight and was not victorious until a full decade later.

I was stunned when I read this. This man continued to persevere, to train vigorously, to watch his diet, to stay determined and focused for ten long years. He would not be deterred from achieving his goal. Since reading his book I keep this in mind as I strive to reach some personal goals for myself. I keep thinking about how long a time period ten years is and then I get renewed in my determination to stay with my efforts in whatever goal I am pursuing ....it is one of those " If he can do it, I can do it" truths that I try to keep in my head .

The lesson learned is patience ; to keep putting one foot in front of the other and not to lose heart and hope that I can achieve what I want to if I want it badly enough. That is the crucial question ....how badly do I want to achieve my goal? I am thankful for having stumbled upon Foreman's book that day as it keeps me from excusing myself so easily. If a man can stay the course for ten long years, why cannot I stay the course to reach my own goals?  The answer is that I can ....if I am patient and persevere !

A big "THANK YOU" to George Foreman.....not for his grill , but for his example in patience !