Parents - May I ask you a question ?

 Who do your children live with ?

  For most moms and dads out there, I think the answer for most of you will be that your kiddos live with either their mom, their dad, or both parents. So let me ask you something....who knows your children more intimately than anyone knows them ?  

 The answer is the person that you see in the mirror.

 While this might seem like an obvious conclusion to all of us I sometimes wonder if it is. Why do I say that ? Because all too often, I see young parents falling into what I call the " comparison trap."

 That is the trap of looking at other families, their children and coming to incorrect conclusions about how you are raising your children. Just because something works for the Smiths and the Jones family in how they raise their children does not mean at all that it will work for your children.

 Let me ask you this....does Mr and Mrs Smith and Mr and Mrs Jones know the following about your child....
 what embarrasses your child
 your child's various facial expressions that tell what they are feeling
 your child's mannerisms
 what makes them laugh
 their strengths
 their weaknesses
 what trips their anger trigger
 their sensitivity level
 what makes them feel proud of themselves
 what frightens them
 what makes them cry

 - and a thousand other facts about your child that I could list but I think you get my drift.

 The answer is that most folks outside of your immediate family could NOT answer these questions correctly, and even if they could nail some of them down, their score for how many they answered correctly would pale in comparison to the score of how many mom and dad got correct.

 So what's my point ?

 My point is that while we can definitely learn lessons from the successes and failures of other families, please always keep in mind that nobody knows and understands your kiddos like you do. Nobody loves them like you do. Nobody is as familiar with them as you are.

 So stop doubting yourselves parents.
 Whatever you are facing, if you have prayed about the situation, thought about it, pondered it, and have arrived at a conclusion about what is best for that offspring of yours, then have faith and confidence in your decision, devise a plan, stick with it, and stop looking around at others.

 God gave YOU those little bundles of joy to grow up in YOUR home. That was not an accident and He chose YOU because YOU were the best person to raise that particular kiddo. He matched you up with that little person who will both try your patience , test your limits and fill you will immeasurable pride and joy.

 Trust your instincts, pray about everything, and then trust God to work.

  He always does <3