My heart is so heavy as I write this morning. I just saw the news announcement that the body that was found in a Georgia landfill is almost certainly that of the little seven year old girl that I wrote about in yesterday’s blog. The finding has not been confirmed yet but a birth mark and the clothes found on the partially clad body leave little doubt that it is indeed the remains of little Somer.

I also just watched a clip of a brief statement that the grandparents gave on the front lawn of their daughter’s home where many people are leaving stuffed animals, flowers, and notes of consolation. This grandma and grandpa could barely speak and were trembling as they were filled with emotion and tears. This is the ultimate nightmare for any family and I simply sat there still as I watched these poor people try to cope with the most horrific and devastating experience  imaginable.


As I sat there simply stunned, filled with sadness and compassion for this grieving family, all I could hope is that they are believers. An event of this magnitude that makes absolutely no sense has the potential of just making folks crumble inside and give up. I have not walked in their shoes and I cannot fathom how one could or would want to go on in life except for one truth…which is that there is a God who does know, and does care. It certainly may not feel that way to this dear family right now yet God is real and is all knowing.


In the agonizing days, months, and years that they face ahead of them they will so desperately need to know and be assured of the truth that if they know the Lord, that they will someday see their little girl once again. It is not much comfort right now but it can be much further down the road.


As I said yesterday, I sincerely hope that Christians everywhere will now uplift this family who is so utterly crushed. Even though we do not know these folks personally, let’s commit to praying for them. God is the only true source of comfort in horrifying times such as these. He is the answer and our only hope.