“Never have children, only grandchildren” – Gore Vidal


This quote gave me a chuckle this morning. Ain’t it the truth? After just having our six year old grandson stay with us for the last four days, I agree whole heartedly with the wisdom of Gore Vidal.


Having fun and a great time is the common mission when my husband and I are with the grandkids. We don’t have to be the bad guy. We did our time as parents and that sentence is finished with…ha ha. Now the icing on the cakes are these cute little guys and gals that we can spoil and send back home to drive their parents crazy. We love it.


Our grandchildren say the funniest, cutest, most precious things. If the truth be told however, our children most likely said the same type of cute remarks but back when I was a young mom and slugging it out in the trenches of life with working, raising kids, paying bills, going to ball games, helping with school projects, packing lunches, spanking bottoms, cleaning up messes …and a million other distractions, I probably just didn’t hear them. Sometimes I did, but the responsibilities of life could sometimes drown out the precious moments. That is why I often tell young moms to write down the funny little remarks that their youngsters come out with because if you do not, over time you may sadly forget them.


One such remark happened last week when our four year old granddaughter found a little frog in the pool and delighted in playing with it. After a while we could hear her sweetly calling him “John”…saying “Come here John.” When we asked her why his name was John, she said “Because he is John the Baptist.” I thought it was the most precious thing I had ever heard yet I can guarantee you that if I had heard one of my own kids say that when they were little, I would have enjoyed it but not continued to smile about it for two whole weeks. In fact, not only am I still smiling about it but this is the second time that I have written about it. Why is that? Because I have the TIME to reflect and really enjoy what she said. I am not bogged down with daily hassles and responsibilities that keep my mind directed elsewhere.


Ever heard the saying “Familiarity breeds contempt?” Of course you have…we all have and how true it is. We are living in the same house with our children when we are raising them…we are harping on them about cleaning their room, studying, being home on time, being kind to their siblings, eating their vegetables and well…you get the picture. Raising our \ children just naturally includes a lot of headaches and frustration.  Our grands on the other hand come to “visit” us. They have that fabulous role of being loved as family yet able to enjoy the royal treatment of being a guest in our home…ha…a far cry from the dynamics of living with your children day in, day out for eighteen plus years.


How many grandbabies do we have you ask? Just four right now with many still to arrive in the future I am sure. They are the best gifts to any person who is entering the last third of their life. Just ask me….I am their Mimi and I should know. Just ask any grandparent whether they are called Grammy, Granny, Meemaw, Mamaw, Grandma , Pop, Pappy, Gramps, Grandpa, Papaw,  or whatever. We all agree with the saying “Never have children, only grandchildren !”.


Proverbs 17:6 – Children’s children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers