Parents sleeping with children is becoming more popular these days. After all, it is a cozy and sweet experience right? Think again. On the news today one of the headlines is about an eight month old baby that suffocated while sleeping with daddy on an easy chair. The dad fell asleep and so did the baby and the baby became wedged between daddy and the chair and suffered a cardiac arrest. This is not sweet but sad. 

It is being reported that infants and very small children are sleeping with mom and dad more than ever before. I am not certain if this is because the little ones are throwing tantrums if made to sleep in their own cribs and beds and so parents are caving on this issue to simply avoid the screaming or what but there exists very real dangers in this practice.

The family of this eight month old who was accidentally crushed by dad is dealing with overwhelming regret and grief. The sharpest sting is this tragedy could have been so easily avoided. There is nothing wrong with cuddling and snuggling with our babies and toddlers however if we feel that we may be falling into a deep sleep as these precious little ones are lying on our chest or nestled in next to us we could be on the verge of killing our children . All it takes for an unspeakable tragedy to occur is for mom or dad to roll over or shift position and never wake up as they are smothering the life out of their child.

Also if you think that this death was a fluke, not so. There are several "sleeping deaths" of children each year and the numbers are rising as the practice of children sleeping with their parents becomes more prevalent. My question is - why take the chance? Is it really necessary to sleep with your little ones? I am not at all trying to meddle in the private practices of families as their sleeping arrangements are solely their own business but the purpose of this blog is to hopefully highlight the dangers involved to any of my readers out there who may be young parents who sleep with their babies on a regular basis. There just simply is a danger involved and we all need to be aware of it.

Maybe the next time that your growing bundle of joy is crying to be snuggled in with  you mom and dad, you may want to give it a second thought. It may just save their life.