My mind has been boggled as I have watched the news both late last night and also this morning about the little seven year old girl that has vanished in Florida. She had scampered off of the school bus with her twin brother and older ten year old sister and some other children from the same neighborhood. She ran ahead about fifty yards in front of them and turned a corner. In that couple of minutes that she was out of sight, she disappeared. When her brother and sister arrived home a few minutes later, they expected their sister to already be there but she was not and now she has been missing for two days. In that short span of time, apparently something very evil took place.

Their mother has been on the news quite upset, sobbing, begging for the return of her little girl. Watching this poor mom is quite heart wrenching and you almost can feel yourself groaning along with her in her anguish. I cannot imagine what she is going through and this whole story just like all abduction stories just arrested me.

As Christians, we need to sincerely pray for this little girl and her family even though we do not know them personally. Asking God to reveal the whereabouts of this child and to beg Him to keep her safe is all that we can do yet if we do, God will hear. It does not guarantee a happy outcome to this potentially tragic event but it is right for us to do so. I would want every believer everywhere to be begging the Lord to protect my child if I was in the same position.

The lesson learned here is that in the world in which we find ourselves living today forces us to have some hard and fast rules for the young children in our lives whom we love so dearly. At no time should a child be out playing or walking home from school without the supervision of a parent of another trusted adult. It is truly sad that is the condition of society today but statistics were reported last night on the news that a child turns up missing every three days in our country. Some of these may be runaways or custodial dispute situations but many are not.

It was also reported this morning that school bus stops are rich targets for those deranged and perverted individuals that prey on children. This would be an obvious truth yet sometimes I drive by bus stops in which I see some little kid standing there all by himself or herself just swinging their book bag in circles as they await the bus. Each time I spot one of these kids, I wonder if their parents are just huge risk takers or perhaps just unaware of the danger that they are placing their child in. Either way, by allowing their child to walk to the bus stop and stand there alone without them is such an incredibly foolish and dangerous decision which could result in such sorrow and regret.

The truth is that we just cannot ever be too careful and yet we also cannot hold our childrens’ hands for their entire growing up can we? Parents and grandparents  everywhere  need to be as wise, protective and prudent as possible in ensuring the safety of the children in their lives yet at the same time we need to balance that with not instilling a paralyzing fear in those little ones. It is a true challenge to say the least. May God help us as we make our way in an increasingly difficult world.

Let’s commit to praying for little Somer who is missing in Florida. Her mother and the rest of her family are in agony and they desperately need our prayers. Let’s be faithful to do just that.