What do Norv Turner, Steve Spurrier, Marty Shottenheimer, even Joe Gibbs all have in common ? They have all tried to coach under the watchful eye of Dan Snyder. I think a fair statement to say is that having a lot of green bills in one’s pocket does not then make one a wise and successful team owner.


There have been countless things said about Snyder over the many years since he took over the Redskins….some say he is way too involved in the whole area of the coaching. There have been claims that he has his hand in player-coach relationships, the way that the team is coached and actual plays that are called in games. I do not know about any of that, all I know is that I haven’t been able to be very happy and excited about the Redskins for years.


A little birdie told me that Snyder is having talks with Mike Shanahan, the old Broncos coach even as I type this blog. Whether that is true or not is anyone’s guess, but I do believe that the sooner Zorn is shown the door, the faster we will be to solving the Redskins problems. If everyone will remember, Zorn was a total shock and surprise when he was picked as head coach…in fact, he wasn’t even in the running and was never thought to be head coach material until Snyder made the surprise announcement that he was the new choice. Whatever Dan…I think now we are all seeing the ramifications of that selection.


I am certainly not smart or informed enough to know who would be a good replacement, all I know is that all of us Redskins fans are weary of not having much to cheer about. I am actually on the verge of switching my fan status to the Vikings. Brett Favre is an old man out there in terms of football years, but he has the heart and spunk of a young kid and it shows. Winning games in the last couple of seconds and jumping up and down wildly and into the arms of his team mates has become a common sight when watching him. Yesterday, especially in the first half, the Redskins looked so dead that I am not sure we would have been able to get a pulse.


I had some small ray of hope when Joe Gibbs came back and attempted to resurrect the Skins but even that hope faded out quickly. All of us who remembered the glory days of Joe’s earlier years with the Skins were all longing for a replay but it was not to be. Memories of yesteryear just were not going to become a reality and once again, our hopes were dashed.


Let’s hope that whoever Dan the man is getting to replace Zorn will be someone who can somehow figure out this mess in Washington and what the key is. I think we all had an inner sick feeling that the Redskins were the ones who might be the team to have the dubious honor of snapping the Lions’ losing streak and they didn’t surprise us on that note, did they? It just looks like it might be another long football season in Washington.


I am thinking that a big announcement may be made any day now concerning a coaching change and I welcome it, however like I said, the happiest news of all to me would perhaps be an ownership change, but that’s just my opinion. In any event, I hope that the solution is found in a timely fashion so that Redskins fans everywhere can start smiling once again. I have to be honest though….I am not holding my breath, are you?