For those of you who faithfully read the blog, you may have noticed that some of the articles focus on what is in the news. Like many Americans, I care very much about our country, our culture and what direction it is headed in and because of that I suppose I would have to plead guilty to being a news junkie. The down side of that is that one can easily become a cynic very quickly. I often find myself getting scared, frustrated and angry about what I observe occurring in today’s world. The only problem with that however is that the negative feelings that begin to swell up inside of me concerning news items can then begin to spill over into other areas of my life.


Just this morning, I watched a report about the ACLU and how that outfit is attempting to have a cross removed from the Mojave dessert that some of our World War I veterans erected many years ago. I won’t go into any more detail about that story (in this blog might see me write a future blog about it) but the details surrounding the story so frustrated me that I continued to think about it long after I turned the news off. The next thing I know is that as I am getting into my car this morning instead of feeling positive and having a great mindset about the day ahead of me, I am instead feeling edgy, tense and just cross in general.


My entire thought process went something like this “ I can’t believe the level that we have sunk to… a country that is confused about whether it’s okay to have a lone cross standing that was erected by some honorable men who were war veterans and likely heroes decades ago”. The next thing I know is I begin to think of various folks that I personally know who may be unaware that this fight about this cross is even in the news and I begin to resent the fact that others may not follow the news as closely. My mind then leaps to the conclusion that those particular folks must really be pretty irresponsible folks to not even care about what’s going on around us….and before you know it, I am facing the day with a rotten outlook . In short, I have become the classis cynic.


Cyncisim is a cancer that is insidious and slowly but surely overtakes our minds and our spirits.  While it is true that there is much to be concerned about regarding what is happening in our world today and what direction it is headed in, there is never an excuse especially for a Christian to be consumed with negativism. For those of us who are believers, we know that our Lord has our present and our future in His hands and that He is ultimately in control. He has clearly outlined in His Word what lies ahead for us and for this earth and this is the truth that we need to remember when we begin to dwell too much on all that is wrong in our society. Because of this truth, we constantly need to battle the slippery slide into having a cynical spirit because it is fruitless to do so. Christ has already won the battle and that is a joy and a hope that we simply should rest in. It is so easy to write these words here, but it is much more difficult to live them on a daily basis, isn’t it?


Perhaps as you read this today, you can totally relate. You realize that you have been so consumed with much of the alarming headlines of today that you have lost your upbeat, joyous attitude that you desire to always possess and show to others. I know that  I fall into this category and if you find yourself there as well as you are reading this, then let’s simply step back, re-evaluate and remember what is the truth and what is most important.


The truth is that in terms of eternity, we are not citizens of this world, but we are “just passing through.” We have a home in heaven to look forward to and yes, we need to be concerned, informed and involved in the current issues of the day, but certainly not consumed by them. We need not become so overwhelmed that we are can be defined as an irritated, defeated cynic. None of us really want that label or image to pop into others; minds when they hear our name, do we?  Of course we don’t!


Take a moment to regroup, reflect and take a look in the mirror and just make sure that there is not a cynic there staring back at you…because cynics have never changed the world. Instead, determine to keep up the good fight…with a smile on your face!