Quote –  “ If you would be pungent, be brief ; for it is with words as with sunbeams. The more they are condensed, the deeper they burn. “   -  Robert Southey

Today is the day that I return to writing my blog that was actually first presented to me as a Mother’s Day gift last May by my son Matty. I began writing right away which produced roughly sixty blog entries from Last May through the early part of last November. I consider those six months to be my trial run , a time period in which I learned much. I invite you to visit those entries if this is indeed your first visit to the blog. I think you will find them somewhat helpful perhaps entertaining as I learned some lessons as a writer.

The biggest lesson was to not be too wordy or long.. .simply requires too much reading which was evidenced by the fact that even my family was beginning to “skim” and not carefully digest the content of my entries. I am not the most cerebral individual breathing but I am smart enough to know to take my cue from that fact.

Hence, the new and improved blog…hopefully one that burns more because it is condensed and thus deeper as Mr. Southey above so eloquently describes in his quote.
Communicators everywhere whether they be politicians, statesmen, preachers, teachers, authors, advertisers and the like could benefit from this single truth…that every endeavor has an appropriate finish line and once crossed , the spectators tend to lose interest after that.

Have you ever heard a speech which was brilliantly written taking the listener to the climactic point in which he is glued to his seat…as right when the main point and lesson is delivered and just as the audience has absorbed the meat and deep lesson of the message, the speaker takes a deep breath and says “let me tell you a story….”  You look around…and you see movement. Where just a moment ago everyone was motionless and riveted to the words that they were hearing, now you see the guy to the left of you lean back and cross his legs, the lady to the right fixes a wisp of hair as she sighs and you find yourself thinking about a problem in your life that has nothing to do with what the key note speaker is prattling about ….the orator has morphed into Charlie Brown’s teacher who is droning on with garbled sounds far in the distance…you can hear, but are no longer listening.

So it is with reading. Especially in our fast paced tweeting, twitter world. So take heart and visit again tomorrow…as the blog will hopefully be succinct, to the point, thought provoking. Remember this in all areas of life…be sharp, be thorough, but don’t waste words…this practice can help us even in our parenting…as the little rascals will tune us out at the ten minute mark of just about any lecture. They also teach us that brief is best. 

Proverbs 25:11 -  A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver