Every time that I watch or hear Mike Pence speak I sigh. I can't help it....I sigh because I wish he was our Presidential nominee instead of Trump. I know that is futile and wishful thinking but please just humor me and let me pretend. The truth is that I am not the only who feels this way. Pence is a humble, kind, mature, charactered, classy family man who is a true believer in Christ. In other words, pretty much everything that Donald Trump is not. However, if we cannot have Pence as the President, what is the next best thing ? Why, having him as vice president of course. 

If we ever needed a classic example of the power of our choice of peers, Mike Pence is it. 

Donald Trump hasn't always made the best choices, but he hit the jackpot with his choice of Pence.

Here is a guy who is authentic, real, knowledgeable, polished and yet also is willing to take the back seat and shine the light on Trump ....as he should as the VP candidate. By choosing Pence, Trump gave hope to many like myself who fear and detest Trump to a certain degree. For me, it made me feel just a tad less nervous. I thought to myself, " Okay, Trump is pretty much a narcissistic, arrogant, loose cannon but at least he must recognize that about himself because he just chose a running mate who is anything but that. It boosted my confidence. It reduced my uneasiness. In short, Trump's choice of Pence helped me ...immensely. 

And I am not alone. 

Scores of folks all over this country breathed a sigh of relief in this wise choice. 

There is a lesson to be learned here. What is it? IT MATTERS WHO WE SURROUND OURSELVES WITH !

Trump and Pence are on the news every day, they are famous , they are glaring examples of this truth. Our lives are not and are much more obscure but the same principle rings true. Just as Trump greatly helped himself with his choice of Pence, we can greatly help our own lives with our choices of associates, friends, companions. Granted, we are not running for president, but our lives are no less important when it comes to living a life of happiness, fulfillment, and purpose. 

It took me several years into my adulthood to learn this lesson but I finally grew to where I understood the importance of who I surround myself with in my life. It became clearly evident to me as I aged, that when my friends were kind, honest, authentic, Godly, loving people ....that those qualities just naturally began to wash over me and help me to be the same. However. the converse is also true....when I surrounded myself with negative, petty, bitter, dissatisfied folks, I found myself fighting to be content and at rest within my heart and my head. 

Big difference in my attitude, my outlook, my thought life depending on who I spent my time with. 

How about you ? Have you also discovered this important truth ? 

Most have, they just have not made the changes necessary in terms of changing who they hang with. 

Here are some " E's " to remember -

Endeavor to surround yourself with the right kind of people.
Encourage yourself by who you choose for friends
Enrich your life by following the two sentences above. 

You won't regret it if you do !