Did we ever think that we would see the day ?
 Did we ?
 The day where the president of the United States is blackmailing school districts all over the country with thousands of dollars of funds if the schools do not allow boys into the girls restrooms and locker rooms and visa versa ?

 Here is my question...when and where does the lunacy stop ?
 At what point do we scream ' enough ?'
 Does something called COMMON SENSE exist at all any more ?

 I believe that it does, but we are literally letting the liberal, PC crowd cram their agenda down our throats.
 Do the little children in our country even stand a chance any more ?
 Can you imagine a little six year old girl coming out of a stall in the girls' bath room as a ten year old boy walks in ?
 What is she supposed to think ?
 How is she supposed to feel ?
 Why are we deliberately ABUSING our children like this ?

 Then we have the teenagers.
 Teenage boys are walking, raging hormones
 Teens today will have a hay day with this. There will be plenty of teen guys who will have a jolly good time enjoying their new found freedom of perhaps feeling like a boy on Tuesday, a girl on Wednesday and back to a boy on Thursday simply for the thrills and excitement that Wednesdays will bring them,

 I will go a step further.
 I don't care if it is a boy who is seriously confused about his gender and dresses every day as a girl and thinks he is a girl.
 He isn't a girl.
 His chromosomal makeup is not a girl.
 His anatomy is not that of a girl.
 So guess what ?

 I don't want him in the bathroom with girls.
 Neither do the girls that are in there.

 Are teachers going to now be required to enter the bathroom at all times with students ?
 They better be.
 Are students going to be frisked now for cell phones before entering any and all bathrooms ?
 They better be.

 Some may say I am over reacting. Am I ? Really ?
 Can you imagine the endless scenarios of what will be taking place in bathrooms ?

 Both boys and and perhaps girls entering any rest room they wish with their cameras ready....
 Lots of photos and videos being taken underneath and over the top of stall partitions.
 Then being sent to friends before the kids are two steps out of the rest room.
 You think I am kidding?
 Just watch.

 The potential of bad and wrong things happening are limitless.
 The only thing that isn't limitless any longer is common sense.
 To the contrary, we are in short supply of it.
 This is what happens when a country, a culture loses it's moral compass.
 This is what happens when a country , a culture turns it's back on the God that created us.
 We begin to lose our way.

 I wanted to slam my head against the wall this morning.
 Instead, I prayed.
 Will you join me?

 I fear that we are too far gone, but nothing is impossible with the Lord.
 Let's turn to Him and beg for His mercy, His guidance, His clarity of thought ...that only He can give.

 God help us, we need you.