For over a month I have been hearing about the massive " Million Muslim March " that had been planned to take place yesterday. For weeks, the so called organizers of the march were being interviewed on various news programs as to their motives, their reasons for planning such an event on the anniversary of one of the greatest tragedies that our nation has ever faced. Personally, I was disgusted when listening to them and hoped that the event would be a no show...a flop.

My hopes were realized yesterday.

It was reported that exactly twenty-one folks showed up.

Not so with another group.

Bikers from all over the nation from every state in our country roared into Washington D.C. yesterday. Their numbers totaled near or over a million. Rolling Thunder could be heard across our land. They rumbled through towns, on the high ways, through our cities ....and everywhere Americans were there cheering them on. People crowded on streets, on over passes, on bridges to applaud those bikers for what they stood for.....or should I say rolled for :) These men and women rode their motorcycles in record numbers for one main reason. They wanted to show their love and patriotism for our great country and for those who perished on Sept. 11th twelve years ago because of the murderous and cowardly act of terrorists who hate us and everything we stand for.

Thank God for them !

Their incredible turn out on a dastardly hot day yesterday did something for me. It rejuvenated my hope in the American spirit. It rekindled that patriotic light inside of me that sometimes grows dim when I watch too much news. Sometimes we can mistakenly think that all that is virtuous, all that is old fashioned, all that is patriotic is dying out in our land and a million bikers and their cheering supporters yesterday proved that ain't so !!! ( pardon my English).

Friends, our country is worth fighting for. It is worth cheering for. Our flag still matters. We are still the land of the free. We love our fellow Americans who have died for it.....and we need to stand strong that no one is taking it from us.

Stop being politically correct.
Stop worrying about offending everyone.
Stop being apathetic.
Stop thinking that no one cares any more.
Stop waving the white flag of surrender.

The truth is there are millions in our country who love God, who love our nation , and who are willing to express it and fight for it. The media sometimes leads us to think differently when it simply isn't the truth.

Don't give in, don't give up , and thank a biker the next time you see one. Chances are he was riding into Washington yesterday. Many of his friends were with him....a million plus in fact.

Instead of the " Million Muslim March", we witnessed the " MIllion American Ride " - and it was beautiful.
Keep that spirit , keep that flag waving, and keep up your hope.

America is worth it !