I have been served notice and actually, it is not a bad thing. My son has threatened to hijack this blog if I do not write and post within 24 hours and in fact I think my time has now dwindled to about 23 hours. He gave me this blog as a gift about three years ago on Mother's Day and I faithfully wrote in it every single day for six months ...which was my downfall. I burnt myself out plain and simple. I tried to resurrect it a few times and faded out again. Tonight while visiting he and his wife, he pulled the blog up and also something called google analytics ( I am a tech dinosaur ) and showed me that several folks from many different countries , yes...countries were visiting the blog and reading what I had to say. " Shocked" does not adequately describe my reaction to that. Who would have thunk it ?

     I suppose the crazy antics of my kids, their blunders and experiences, my grand babies, my views on politics, current events, spiritual lessons and a wide variety of topics somehow gained the attention of others which is both scary and surprising ...and also encouraging. My son said to me " You keep having all these visitors to your blog and yet you haven't written in it in several months - shame on you!" I would say " out of the mouth of babes" but at 6'6" in his bare feet, he is not quite a child. He is however my child and he did me a huge favor by chiding me tonight about my negligence towards my writing. This is one of the few times that he has been correct that I can remember !  Ha Ha

    Hence, I will be sitting down to share thoughts and ideas with all of you once again however beneficial or detrimental that may be to your day. My sincere hope and desire is that all of you who were faithful readers and followers in the past will tune in and give this ol' mom and writer another chance by continuing to read along. My apologies to my faithful audience and my intent is to not allow myself to get lazy with my writing ever again in the future. If I do, then my son has threatened to make this " The Matt Hastings Blog" and trust me...none of us want that to happen. :)

    So here we go ....Wish me " Happy Writing " as I wish you " Happy Reading !"

     It feels good to be back !!!  This is one time that someone is glad to have been blackmailed !!!