Last night I thought that something terrible happened. This morning I am rethinking that maybe what I thought was something terrible was in fact something wonderful. What happened you ask ? My TV died. That's right....just breathed it's last breath. It was an elderly TV so it is no surprise. I actually had developed sort of an affectionate pity for it because it was so outdated. It was one of those huge , box like televisions of years gone by, not the sleek, one half inch think , flat screens of today. Everyone made fun of it and it was laughed at ...alot. Perhaps that is why I clung to it so fiercely. It was a loyalty thing, but now it is gone...soon to be forever in the junkyard of deceased televisions. How sad.

Or is it ?

This morning I have been listening to some Jason Miraz, some Praise and Worship music, along with reading and thinking. I haven't been staring at Steve, Gretchen and Brian and hearing about the latest news of the last twenty-four hours and I have noticed something. I am calmer, more at peace, and yes, a bit happier.

I am not having to endure the latest insanity being hurled from Sharpton or Jackson, am not listening to the most recent rant of our president who seems to be in never ending campaign / speech mode or watching the shocking level that our culture and society has stooped to. In other words, I am not feeling burdened, bogged down and as hopeless as I usually do when that box was working perfectly. This fact has caused a very challenging and crazy thought to pop into my mind. Should I replace that television ? It is a scary idea and a challenge that I am not sure that I am up to. I am fairly certain that I am hooked and would begin to develop a nervous twitch before the week is out. After all, I am a hopeless news junkie. I need to know, want to know, have to know ....what is going on in the world twenty-four seven.

However, could that be why I sometimes seem to be fighting a vague, hopeless feeling about our world ?

I think it might. My addiction to the news is so ingrained and so strong though I honestly am not sure that I can last very long without that invention called the TV talking to me. My dad used to call this contraption " the idiot box" and for good reason. Much of what is on there is either completely useless or totally mind numbing. It is an insidious thing how the news of the day can just slowly erode the positive energy within us and make us want to throw our hands in the air. At least that is how it affects me from time to time.

There are of course some worthwhile programs. There are sports events, nature shows, and other worthy items that can be a positive and enjoyable experience. Football season is fast approaching and I am certain that I could not last without my family room TV once that is airing. We also have another big screen TV downstairs, but unless I want to watch war documentaries, or survival shows such as Man versus Wild and the like , that is a no go. Tom has the dibs on that television and watching some guy cut out the heart of some dead elk and then eat it is not my idea of an enjoyable evening of television watching.

So you see , I am faced with a dilemma.

Here are the facts -

I no longer own a working TV -
I have a sweet husband who would be happy to go out tonight and buy me any TV that I desire-
I am not sure that would be best at this time -
I like the idea of the challenge of not owing a TV for a while and reading and listening to music instead-
I just am not sure that I am up to that challenge because I am somewhat addicted to the news -
I am learning that the news is affecting my spirit to some degree-
I am not sure what to do -

One thing that I am sure of - whenever I am uncertain of how to proceed in my life , I do know what to do...  which is to pray. Perhaps God just wants me to have a more quiet reflection type period of time in my life....without the noise, without the clamour, without the news of the day splashing all over me.

It is an intriguing idea - to give myself a break from the world and it's reality. After all - I have the Fox News app on my phone - I will not be totally ignorant of what is going on.....just won't be bombarded with it nonstop.

And that might be a very good thing.