A lot of my female friends are most likely going to be irritated about the blog today because the majority of them are not all that jazzed about football. I suppose being raised in a home with five brothers and no sisters simply destined me to be a sports lover and fanatic as when I think back, it seems as though that was all that was ever on the television at my home growing up. I can remember many a Sunday afternoon in which my brothers and my dad were in an uproar cheering on either the Steelers or the Pirates in the town of Monroeville, a suburb outside of Pittsburgh where I grew up.


My husband and I have lived in Virginia on and off throughout his military career as well as being permanent residents for almost the past twenty years or so once he retired from the military. I can remember the days when the Washington Redskins gave us all much to cheer about and I had always vowed to not give up on them. I must admit that I have been wavering in that promise in spite of my determined resolve to never set my affections on any other NFL team. Since the Skins have been somewhat discouraging this year, I could not help but notice the Minnesota Vikings now that Brett Favre is taking the snaps there this year.


I have always been a huge Brett Favre fan. I realize that not everyone joins me in that sentiment particularly since he has been Mr. Indecisive about retiring over the last couple of years. I admired him when he played for many years with the Packers, I enjoyed watching him last year with the Jets, but I have to admit that I am literally cheering him on and loving watching him play for Minnesota this year.


This past Monday night watching him play his old team was one of the most enjoyable times that I have ever had watching any football game. There are a few main reasons why I say that. First, Brett Favre is almost forty years old, in fact, I think he turns forty some time this week. That fact by itself makes one have to admire a guy who has the spunk and courage to play such a violent game at that level at his age. Second, I just loved watching him beat the team that did not want to keep him. I realize that Green Bay, its owners and coaching staff may have had very good reason for not wanting to and I am not debating the details of that decision…I just still wanted him to win. Last, and the most important reason that I wanted Brett to be victorious is just because he wants it so badly himself. Unlike so many other professional athletes today, it is more than just a business to him. Yes, he makes millions of dollars and I know that it is his livelihood and it has given him a very comfortable life financially but there is still a kid’s heart beating inside that guy. He still just loves that thrill of the game and the joy of competing. Watching him throw that touchdown pass in the last few seconds the week before last was so much fun. He had been hit just as he threw it, yet when he raised his head and saw that his receiver had pulled in this throw in the endzone, he celebrated in typical Favre fashion! As he was still laying on his stomach on the ground, that little kid smile broke out, he started beating his fists against the ground, jumped up, began pumping that fist in the air and running full speed towards his team mates. He was like a kid in one of his first pee wee football games and I loved watching it.


It is just refreshing to see that little kid joy and excitement for the game exhibited by a professional athlete. So much of the time we see arrogance, self pride, and such a me-centered attitude displayed by so many in professional sports. Some players have openly conceded in interviews that they view their profession as just that…that it is more like a business to them than anything else. I have heard players say those very words. So to watch a guy who has played more consecutive football games than any other player, and who has been playing in the NFL straight now for eighteen years run and jump around like some school yard kid just gives me hope and puts a smile on my face.


Have I left the Redskins for good? Probably not…but sadly, this year they are not giving us Washington fans much hope and so my interest and following is with the Vikings. Would I love to see Favre and the Vikings go all the way and win the super bowl? Absolutely! If they do, it will be due to their overall team effort but much credit can be given in large measure to their quarterback who is almost four decades old, yet he plays with the joy of  a kid who is only as old as the number that is on the back of his jersey!


Go Vikings and Go Brett Favre- you have a fan in Washington, at least for this year!


I know that I just made lots of enemies in my fellow Redskins fans who will be crying “ Traitor” and I suppose it’s a well deserved accusation to which I plead guilty.


I just can’t help myself… number four in the Twin city this year is just too fun to watch!