Like many folks who turn fifty-five years of age I suppose today is another one of life’s many milestones. I now hold the title of “Senior Citizen.” How did I get here? It seems like not long ago that I was running up and down my high school gymnasium on my girls’ high school basketball team. Memories of crazy college life,  burping my babies on my lap, and helping with my kids’ science projects have now given way to reading stories to my grand babies. How in the world did this happen so fast? 


The Bible tells all of us that our life is like a vapor- here today, gone tomorrow. When we are young, we hear those words but they are not real to us. We are somehow aware of the truth of that scripture but when we are worried about getting  our driver’s license, or what college we are going to or who we have a crush on, the idea of life being a quick ride is just not reality.


Now it is. Don’t get me wrong- I love my life  but I also can do math. It has occurred to me that my journey is most likely two thirds over and that is an optimistic guess ! What have been the most significant and greatest days of my life?  Hands down, the most significant year of my life was my twenty first- the year that I trusted Christ as my Savior. He has changed everything about my life- the way that I think, what is important to me, the way that we have raised our family…the list is endless . Even though I have never seen Him, He is so real to me and I have never been the same since I knelt in our little rat trap college apartment and told Him that I believed that He is who He claims He is and asked Him to forgive me for what He said I was …a sinner lost without Him. Significant day number two was  Tom’s and my wedding day almost 36 years ago. He was my best friend way back then in 1975 and still is today. He knows me better than anyone….poor guy. 


 The next highlights were when all four of our children came into our lives- they have given us frustration, concern, tears, gray hairs, but mostly a lot of pride, joy, and much to be grateful for. Because of who they are, I can be restful and content, not worried and anxious as I head into the latter years of my life and that is an incredible gift and blessing. I am  so privileged to be Erik, Ben, Matty, and Kasey’s mom.


Now comes the icing on the cake, the ribbon on the present, the cherry on the sundae – the grand babies!  Nothing gives me more joy and happiness than squeezing Trent, Nicole, Benny, Brooke, and Brianna and loving all over them. I know…I am your typically obnoxious grandparent…something that I said I never wanted to be. It is an incurable condition however so I have resigned myself to be a an official member of the club ! God has surely smiled on Tom and I by blessing us with those five little people – ( and hopefully many more to come – hint , hint to my kids- ha)


 So yes,  my life is a vapor but I am thanking God that it has been such a sweet one so far. Perfect? No…definitely not. Some hard and difficult days ? Absolutely – but still wouldn’t trade places with anyone in the world. Thanks to God who deserves all the glory !