“ A Man Thinks That By Mouthing Hard Words, He Understands Hard Things” -  Herman Melville

Have you ever noticed how some of the harshest words seem to be uttered by very simple people? What I mean by simple is unwise, unstable, and extreme. Whether these words be stark profanity or vulgar slang or just coarse, rough language in general, more often that not, the folks speaking them are not known for their prudence or wisdom.

When I was young I used to mistake passion for being right. This could not be further from the truth. Some of the most intense people that I have listened to or known are some of the most foolish. If you doubt that truth, just take a look inside our prison system today. Tune into the show “Lock Up” which gives the viewers an up close and personal glimpse into the lives and personalities of incarcerated individuals.

The majority of these inmates are brash, wildly intense, confrontational and extreme in both their words and their behavior. Take that down a notch or two and take a good long look at the normal every day person living life outside the bars in society. The same common thread connection is still prevalent…which is that the more hard and “in your face” the attitude of a person, the more ignorant he tends to be.

The ability to remain calm, measured and thoughtful in all of life’s varied situations is truly the measure of a man or a woman and their character. It is this person who understands the hard things of life. He or she has learned through experience that volume or aggression does not show strength but at times reveals insecurity and a true lack of understanding of a situation.

These lessons cannot and are not learned over night. Years of living and experiencing life bring folks to this sort of realization and therefore motivate us to strive to be that intuitive and insightful person who is measured and soft in their responses.

I plead guilty to being in the stupid and ignorant category more than I wish to be. At least as I have become older I am thankful that God is helping me to gain a small understanding of this truth. Brash is not always best. Tact and diplomacy sometimes is. Those who know me best will testify that I have not been known for the latter but I am working on it. God help me to become better at it.

How about you? Ask yourself the big question…Have I mistakenly thought that hard words indicate that I understand hard things? Not so my friend…give it some thought won’t you?

Proverbs 4:5 – Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not; neither decline from the words of my mouth