I have been thinking a lot lately about habits. We are all familiar with the age old saying that human beings are creatures of habit to which I heartily agree. The interesting catch here is that habits can be both good and bad... can they not?  We can have a habit of always wheeling the grocery store cart back to the rightful place in the parking lot…the area specially designated for returning carts or we can have a habit of pushing that same cart a few feet away from our car before we hop in and drive away. We can have a habit of pulling the full trash bag in the kitchen trash can out , twist it up and bring it out to the garage trash or we can smash our trash down really hard leaving the job for the next unfortunate family member who is throwing something away. We can decide to sit down and read God’s Word every day or we can play hit and miss with it. We can have a habit of eating fruits and vegetables each day or we can be sporadic about it. This list is endless and I could spend the remainder of my life doing nothing but listing good and bad habit patterns and yet still, I would not even be scratching the surface.


I would say that most sane folks who want to do right in their lives aspire to being those souls who can say that they regularly practice good habits as opposed to bad. I know that I WANT to be in that group but often find myself falling short. As a Christian I have always heard how important it is to go to the Lord in prayer about everything yet rarely have I sincerely sought God for help in this area of habits. I have prayed a prayer of desperation for areas in my life in which I seem to be enslaved to bad habits but until recently have not earnestly or consistently begged God to help me. What I am learning is that going to Him every day for help in those areas that plague us ( and those areas will be different for each of us) makes all the difference. I hope that I can continue to be diligent in asking Him to help me every step of the way. I know that He desires to and that He is willing to , the only hindrance would be if I were to stop talking to Him about it. Surely God wants to be involved in every detail of our lives regardless of how minute or trivial it may seem. Daily walking with Him...certainly a well known cliché, but is it a reality for me?  I am asking Him to help me in making it be!