Just Wish We Could Have Grandkids First……Then Our Kids !


    I was blessed and honored to be invited to Grandparents Day today at school. Two young lads Wes and Austin have adopted me as their Mimi and were nice enough to ask me to come join them for the day.


    As I sat in the gym for the Welcome breakfast, and then in the classrooms and chapel afterwards I noticed how calm and relaxed all of the grandparents were. They joked and laughed and just simply enjoyed the day just as I did. That got me to thinking how I wish I could have had that same casual demeanor as a parent. You know….where most of what the little ones do we simply consider to be cute and adorable. Where we don’t care all that much if they answer a question wrong or if they are sitting still and behaving their best. Unfortunately however ….I think I was like a lot of other parents in that I was fairly intense at times.


   The whole morning made me think that life is backwards. Even the pastor joked at lunch time making the statement “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have had our grandkids first, then our kids?”  One only truly understands that statement once they have reached that grand and glorious stage of having grandkids. After all, I really don’t care if my grandkids run the fastest, or look the best, or get the highest grades…in fact, I honestly hope that they don’t stress over such things. I just want them to feel secure, loved, happy, and understanding the truth about God. That is what matters to me.


    The truth is the passage of time is usually the first requirement for obtaining wisdom. Wish it did not have to be that way but that is the natural order. It is also such a great feeling to be able to just enjoy and celebrate with grandkids without having to do the training. I am no longer responsible for them being polite, responsible, honest, hard working, obedient, and respectful. Oh, I can surely bear influence and help them out in these areas but I am no longer the one holding the bag……that’s their mom and dad’s job….and it feels wonderful !


    “ Grandparent “ – Yep….they got the word right….because it is a grand ol’ time in one’s life and one that I hope and pray all would get the blessing to experience !