All of us who are Redskins fans are jumping for joy this year ! We finally have a quarterback who is talented, gutsy,and tough. There was a collective gasp when his leg was turned into a vibrating spring when bulldozed this past Sunday. This gasp could be heard coming directly out of the TV from the fans in Fed Ex stadium. Well, not quite...but almost :)

Today there is another sigh heard around Washington but it is one of relief as we got the report that RG 3's injury is a grade one sprain. We are all thinking "yes, our QB is hurt but hopefully not for long !"

Not only is RG3 good news on the field but he is a breath of fresh air when listening to him in an interview as well. When he is questioned you will not be hearing arrogant talk, or a twang, or any kind of thug smack that seems to be the order of the day lately with professional athletes. No, when this guy talks he is just a nice, intelligent, humble kid who does not seem overly impressed with himself. How refreshing !

Perhaps that is another reason why we all find ourselves rooting like crazy for this guy. He is just flat out likable. What was also impressive was his desire to get back out on that field no matter what. When he came over to the sidelines telling the coach that he was okay and wanted to go back in the game, I felt like I was watching some high school kid who was playing simply for the love of the sport and the deep determination to win....not a professional viewing it as a business. Yet he is a professional which is what makes it so great and so enjoyable to watch him hobbling out there making those last two passes even though we were holding our breath as he played his heart out.

Then in comes Cousins who was a cool customer to say the least. He calmly throws the touchdown pass then personally follows it up with a QB draw into the endzone while the stadium explodes. A couple minutes later the Skins win the game with a field goal and all of us are smiling as we somehow found a surprising way to win a game instead of losing one as has been the pattern in years past.

As Washington was celebrating , I couldn't help but think about another RG - Rex Grossman. He is one player who I could never make up my mind as to how I felt about him. He could be fairly described as streaky. Just when I would be feeling okay about him because he seemed to play exceptionally well, the next thing we know, he is throwing a string of interceptions. One just never felt that they could be confident with him in the game for long. I kept thinking about what this quarterback with the same initials as our present star was feeling.

Am I feeling sorry for him ? No...because he had his chance in the past and couldn't get the job done. I guess I am just wondering how it feels to also be an "RG" but just not the one that anyone is cheering for or even thinking about. He is our oldest , most experienced QB yet is our third string guy. He knows his place and still brings home a hefty paycheck so I am not envisioning him crying all the way to the bank or anything like that ...but I did simply think about his place now on the team and I have to be honest....I do feel a little badly for him. Just not bad enough to ever want to see him put in a game again. That is the rub - he is also an "RG" - but the "RG" that we want holding a clipboard and wearing the baseball cap on the sidelines.

Good ol' Rex Grossman...I suppose if Cousins gets hurt, we may seem him again....but we might want to cross our fingers that doesn't happen. If it does, we may need to come up with a new cheer - something snappy about the " other RG" maybe? Time will tell.