Jeremiah 29:11 - For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

 Are you in pain today ? Maybe not physical pain but do your heart and your mind hurt ? In other words, are you in some sort of emotional pain? You are not alone....but the devil wants you to think that you are. That's right, I said the devil. Some reading this post may be scoffing right now but evil is nothing to guffaw over or to smirk at.  Satan is real my friend....just as real as this keyboard that I am typing on right now. The trick is that he wants you to be rolling your eyes at that last sentence. After all, the world does, our culture does, but have you noticed how twisted and skewed both our world and culture are ? It is a hard thing to miss. If you are breathing and walking and have a beating heart, you are not fuzzy about how sad and confused many folks are today. There is a reason for that and here it is - Satan is REAL.

People don't understand or refuse to acknowledge that there is a real enemy in this world and he wants our lives to be utterly destroyed. If he cannot completely crush us, he will be happy to simply have us live a miserable existence. He is behind all strife, all darkness, all sin, all evil but his goal is to keep us distracted enough and confused enough to not believe that. If we will just chalk it up to anything else.....he is satisfied. As long as we view Satan as a cartoon character on the cover of a greeting card with that red suit and pitched fork, he has achieved his goal.

Don't fall for it.

If you find yourself at a point in your life in which you feel hopeless, in pain, depressed with where you are at in life, please understand that there is a master mind who wants to capitalize on this low point that you find yourself in right now. He wants you to throw your hands in the air, and to continue down a destructive path or to just wander aimlessly without hope or purpose. God however has clearly told us something different.

God has said that He Knows the thoughts that He thinks towards us - thoughts of PEACE not of EVIL ! Can we all get a hold of that ? That means that no matter how badly we have blown it, no matter how low we may be, that if we turn to our loving, forgiving, reaching, healing, compassionate God, that He will gather us up and help us start fresh again. He yearns to restore and renew. It is His specialty. He is good at it and what's more , He LOVES doing that for His children. The trick is getting us to believe it and trust in it.

I don't know about you, but to actually read in God's Holy Word that He directly tells us that He is thinking about us and that those thoughts are for our good, for our peace and are not evil ...that comforts me. It helps me. It soothes me.

God is not the one who vascillates ...that is what we do. While God's thoughts toward us are constant, reliable, faithful, ours ebb and flow. In our minds, we run to Him, then run away from Him. We honor Him, then shame Him. We talk to Him , then ignore Him. And all the while, He is patiently waiting, watching and knowing the thoughts that He thinks toward us.

 Are you in turmoil today ? Tired of the direction your life has taken ? Do you want to turn it all around ?

 Then surrender. Rest in Him. Honor Him. Know Him and what His thoughts are.
 They are of peace and to an expected end.
 A joyous, blessed life for you to enjoy.

 No one else may be thinking about you today , but He is.
 Resist the evil and flee to God.
 He is waiting for you ....and thinking...always thinking about you.
 Do you believe that ?
 It is the truth.
 Praise Him for it :)