We are all accustomed to those folks who continually post selfies , are we not ? Have you noticed that it seems to be the same folks who are posting pictures of themselves several times a week ? That is not a random accident. It is a revelation. People who cannot get enough of themselves reveal that truth quite often on social media. We can pretty much count on seeing at least three new pictures of them every week  ...and all those photos are taken by that person themselves. No big news there.

Another creepy phenomenon that has reared it's ugly head however on facebook is the revelation of the cowards. Yes, that's right....cowards. For centuries people have resolved conflict by talking it out , by good old face to face conversations or at the very least , a phone call. These types of confrontations may have been awkward or somewhat uncomfortable but at least it required some honesty, some forthrightness, some character from the people involved. Those days are history folks - welcome the new era of NARCISISSTS AND COWARDS. In today's social media world, if a person is somewhat upset with someone else, they have a simple solution. They can make a scripted post or comment which might seem harmless and innocent to the general population yet it sends a clear and specific message to the individual who the coded message was intended for. Everyone knows that this occurs regularly and often. That is just the beginning however. Are you really ticked off at someone ? Has someone just totally made you upset? No problem....the days of giving that person a call and talking it out or asking them to meet you somewhere to have a talk....those days are gone...sadly.

Now all you need to do is either delete that person or better yet....block them. That way you can send a clear message of anger or hate without EVER having to do the right and noble thing of facing that person at all. I am not writing this blog with any one person in mind ...lest any reader here think that I am guilty of the very thing that I am writing about in this blog entry. I just have observed this sort of cowardice occuring so often , so frequently that it is disheartening. I have seen long friendships end or tainted because of improper behavior on social media. I have seen feelings hurt, folks confused, and people of all ages affected in negative ways by the cowardice that is practiced on facebook.

Perhaps you are someone who has been guilty of this or maybe you have been a victim - I have no idea. Either way, you have been affected in some manner. What surprises me is the huge number of Christians who take the coward's way out by " making a point"  or " sending a message" through their various actions on social media. The scriptures tell us specificially how to resolve differences and conflicts and wrong and cowardly behavior does not resemble at all those instructions....something to think about.

My hope in this blog entry is to get us all to think a bit more, to examine how we conduct ourselves on FB and other social media avenues. Let us all commit to start doing the right thing of getting back to face to face talks with others no matter how awkward or uncomfortable that might be. It is just the right thing to do.

Mull it over ....will you ?