The April 19th issue of Time magazine will be one of the biggest sellers in the history of this periodical. Why? Because the title is “WHAT IF THERE IS NO HELL ?”  Such an appealing thought isn’t it? Too bad it is completely untrue. There most definitely is a hell which is bottomless, dark, and described as pure torture and torment where one suffers excruciating pain in the lake of fire. Where a soul is ever dying but never dead.


I have already lost some of my readers with my first paragraph. Why is that? Because none of us like to think or imagine the reality of such a horrific and vile place. Yet it exists as surely as this computer on which I am typing. How can I know this? Because the Bible tells me so. The great news however is that it also tells me how to avoid going there. God’s Book tells me that Jesus loves me…so much so that he came to this earth , lived for thirty-three years, loved and ministered to people, lived a sinless life and then died an ugly and painful death upon a tree so that we would not have to go to the very place that Time magazine is suggesting does not exist.


The problem with my description of hell and talking about what the Scriptures tell us is that the truth is just not as nice of a thought as the idea of hell not existing. And after all , has not our society become one in which we tend to desire to submerse ourselves in that which makes us feel good? Hey, I would love to be able to buy into the theory that there is no eternal place of punishment. To be completely honest, I have always somehow wondered why God would send His only Son to die in our place. Just like the title of that song that is sung at Christmas time, I have often thought “What a strange way to save the World.”  However my job is not to understand why God came up with the plan of creation and life and salvation in the way that He did. My responsibility is to believe it and then receive it. My eternal destination depends on whether I do or not. It is as simple as that. The devil’s plan and scheme is to muddy it up and make it seem very gray, very complicated and not quite so clear ; hence, the Time magazine article. It puts just enough of a question mark in the ignorant, unlearned mind that it will sadly succeed in giving folks a false sense of security that all is well beyond the grave which is the most damning lie that any reader of that article will believe in their life time.


TIME – it is so ironic that the very name of this magazine is the very thing that folks will be spending eternally in the very place that it questions the existence of. Be discerning, be wise, be a reader and believer of the Word of God, not the word of Man.