Today is September 11th, 2009. Eight years ago today our nation was rocked and shaken up by one of the most devastating tragedies to ever hit our home soil. Although Americans everywhere have been affected and changed by this event, those who have been truly devastated are those who lost a family member that day. My heart especially goes out to the many children whose mom and dad were killed that day. Those kids never imagined that the last goodbye that they said to their parent on that day or the night before was going to be the last one. The pain and hurt that they have felt these past eight years is not just sad or unfortunate, it is utterly crushing.


Each year, to keep the tragic events of that day fresh and current in my mind, I try to read various letters written by the many children that were left motherless or fatherless on that memorable day. This morning as I was reading a few of those letters, I stumbled across a letter that I had not read before. It was written by Kathie Scobee, the daughter of Dick Scobee who lost his life on the Challenger which exploded several years earlier. Kathie Scobee felt an enormous connection to the children of those who were killed on 9/11 because she understood the pain that they would be experiencing for many months and even years to come. In her letter, she wrote pointedly about how magnified the pain is when your parent dies in a national event. She explains in detail how excruciating and torturous it is to see the death of your mom or dad played out on National television over and over again. It is something that quite frankly, I had never given much thought to. Every time I see the replay of the planes flying into the towers, it is such a shocking sight to see, that it captures my attention and I feel horrible each time I view it, but I have never taken time to think how terribly sad and painful it must be for children to watch whose parents were on those floors and died instantly. Kathie Scobee’s father, Dick Scobee was on the Challenger and she describes in detail how horrific it was to see the moment played over and over again on television in which her dad died. It is a sobering and thought provoking letter to read and I recommend to all of my readers to simply google up “Kathie Scobee’s letter written to the children of 9/11.” If you do, you will gain a new appreciation and understanding for what the children go through who are directly touched by these tragedies.


Earlier today, I posted a reminder to please fly your American flag today. I remember the week of Sept 11, 2001 where I saw our flag flying everywhere…in front of homes, above stores, above fire stations, libraries, office buildings, you name it…the red, white, and blue could be seen everywhere. We said back then that we would never forget, but I wonder if we have held true to that promise. Look within yourself and ask if your indignation, your anger, your patriotism has waned and faded some since our homeland was attacked on that day of anguish. If it has, I invite you to please google up Kathie Scobee’s letter that I mentioned above. It will move you, it will deepen you, and hopefully remind you of the tremendous offense that was inflicted on us that day and how crushing it’s consequences are to those whose loved ones never came home.


Please take five minutes and google it up after reading this blog entry…it is worth your time!   God Bless America!