“ If the eye does not want to see, neither light nor glasses will help” – German proverb

   Let’s just be honest; the above quote packs a mighty powerful punch. Lots of wisdom and truth in this German saying. Although it specifically talks about the eye, it is really dealing with the broader issue of every man’s heart and spirit. The crux of the issue is that until someone really desires to change something about themselves or in their own life, progress or change rarely happens.

 Take a moment to think of the myriad of habits that folks are imprisoned by…smoking, eating too much, drinking, gambling, sexual sin, excessive shopping, stealing and the list is endless. Think also of traits that affect our relationships…areas such as selfishness, being argumentative, too aggressive or too passive, controlling or apathetic...whatever the case may be…these are also parts of who we are. These components of our makeup as well cannot be changed or improved unless we desire it badly enough…in other words..unless the eye wants to see.

 The world is filled with all kinds of help…there are therapists, doctors, seminars, retreats, books, workshops and a number of other tools that exist to help us achieve and make improvements in our lives yet we often neglect the two crucial sources that must be in place before we rely on any other forms of assistance.

First, we must go to the Lord…without Him there is no wisdom or power or strength. The Bible tells us this yet we so seldom remember it and instead tend to depend too much on that guy or gal staring back at us from the mirror.

Second, after we have asked God to be at the helm of the problem, it is then that we have to reach deep down inside and examine ourselves. Is the challenge or the problem something that we are willing to conquer no matter what?  Because if it is not, then as the quote goes, neither light nor glasses will help what we refuse to see. A phrase that a well known media personality often uses is “ We cannot conquer what we fail to acknowledge”. This piece of wisdom is both profound and worth remembering each time we seem to be in defeat over a sin or a habit that has control of us.

I have to ask myself….does my eye want to see it? If the answer is “no”, then just cover the lamp and shut out the light. Just tuck away the glasses…because I simply won’t see it or realize victory until it does.

Proverbs 14 : 13-14 -  Even in laughter the heart is sorrowful; and the end of that mirth is heaviness  The backslider in heart shall be filled with his own ways; and a good man shall be satisfied from himself.