‘I read that the terror threat security level was raised today and I also saw on the news that security is being beefed up throughout New York City as well.  In light of the recent arrests of three men in the United States who had been planning and plotting attacks on our homeland, I suppose that I am not surprised. One does not need to be an expert on intelligence and security to realize that some of the recent decisions being made by our president simply do not do much to make the citizens of our country secure.


While our president is yukking it up on Letterman, we have no less than seven former CIA chiefs all stating to him that he needs to not launch continued investigations of CIA operatives and enhanced interrogation techniques as well as other operations. I listened to a former CIA head last night who was incredibly worked up about the amateurish and apparently ignorant approach that our present administration is taking concerning these issues and how outright dangerous it is for our country.


President Bush has been criticized, demeaned, mocked, and insulted in numerous ways by numerous people. One clear and undisputable fact however about his presidency that stands is that our homeland was kept safe and protected from any further terrorist and enemy attacks for the seven years following Sept. 11, 2001. He was a president who listened and respected the words and advice of the intelligence community and it served us well. Our present president as well as Eric Holder, our attorney general need to understand the wisdom in doing the same.


My fear however is that our celebrity president, the first sitting president to enjoy the attention and atmosphere of chatting on a late night talk show forum, simply has not grasped the dire importance of not compromising the trust and performance of those in our intelligence community. The truth is that while our president may be a great orator who sways listeners with a likable personality, he is making decisions that are giving Americans cause for alarm and our enemies a reason to disrespect and not fear us.


I read a bumper sticker the other day that simply said “ Did you vote for Obama? Are you sorry yet?”  I want to add another thought which is “Did you vote for Obama? Are you scared yet?” If not, perhaps you are not as aware or informed as you should be.  If you are, then join the ranks of concerned citizens who are writing their congressman, e-mailing the White House, staying up on crucial decisions that are being made every day that may well be jeopardizing the safety and security of this great nation of ours.


Just care, won’t you?…too few folks do !