Last week, tens of thousands of American citizens gathered in Washington for a national Tea Party to demonstrate their concern, their love, their loyalty to our country. They marched peacefully and respectfully and let it be known that they, like many of us, are seriously alarmed at the direction that President Obama is attempting to take this country. They wanted to publicly unite and show that they are against big government that is trying to control many aspects of our lives that it has no business delving into. They made it clear through their signs and their speeches that they are against President Obama’s health care reform. They were not a part of some vast right wing conspiracy, they are simply aware, informed, patriotic citizens of the United States who know that they must start taking a stand and let their voices be heard for the sake of this great nation of ours.


What is sad, but not surprising is the lack of media coverage that it drew. Fox News was on the story but we heard and saw very little from other news organizations. These other news organizations simply avoid any news that would draw attention to the massive outcry across our country that is questioning our current administration and the direction it is headed. What a different story it was a few years ago however when Pink Code protested the war…do you remember that? That demonstration did not have nearly the same number of people demonstrating as did the Tea Party, yet it had massive media coverage. The same disparity in coverage has been displayed in the lack of reporting that is being done in these recent ACORN stings that have exposed the total corruption in ACORN offices in both Baltimore and Washington. Fox News has been all over it, CNN has covered it only a couple of times, and MSNBC, CBS, and ABC as well as the New York Times and the Washington Post had zero coverage…absolutely nothing. Fifty-five million tax payer dollars have been funneled to ACORN and yet this outfit is full of corruption and this whole story is being ignored?


These issues are important folks. We need to be aware of what is occurring with our government and the news media that has the responsibility to accurately, thoroughly, and fairly report what is taking place whether it is in alignment with their own personal political persuasions or not. Never in history has the media been so blatant in their partiality of what they will report on and what they will not. Their bias is now at the point in which it is totally brazen and almost flaunted in the face of America, unconcerned as to what our reaction will be. They can operate in this manner because they know that there will be no outcry from those who are in power in our government. Because of this, private citizens need to become aware, informed and then vocal about what is taking place.


Let’s wake up America…if we don’t, we will surely regret it.